June 10 2024 - 3:00 pm

PAYDAY 3: Update 1.1.5 Changelog

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Tech & Crashes

  • Fixed physics-related crash on PS5
  • Fixed crash related to DX12
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when hacking the Techie drones
  • Fixed a crash on the Epic Games Store version of the game
  • Resolved matchmaking, sometimes taking an unduly long time or ending up finding no game


  • Fixed an issue causing bodies carried while the ‘Drop cloth’ (Assassin) skill timer finishes to become undetectable


  • Added info pop-up on Mask of the Week feature on PS5
  • Added missing text strings when inviting a player using Nebula between EGS and Steam
  • Fixed an issue on PS5 preventing players from viewing each other’s profiles
  • Fixed players randomly dropping from a lobby unintentionally
  • Prevented XBOX users from joining private games via friends list
  • Prevented players getting stuck as “invited” when having joined a friend’s game, preventing starting a new heist or joining another lobby
  • Prevented several infinite loading issues related to being in multiplayer lobbies while matchmaking

Gameplay & Heists

  • Removed invisible collisions preventing shots from certain angles on PS5
  • Resolved an issue where Under the Surphaze wouldn’t end despite all players being in the escape zone

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