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[Escape] Regain Mouse Cursor
PAYDAY's 10th Anniversary Fan Art Gallery

Welcome to PAYDAY's 10th Anniversary's Fan Art Gallery!

This is a 3D Art Gallery with art from Heisters just like you, that was submitted during PAYDAY's 10th Anniversary.


Use the mouse to look around the world, and use [W][A][S][D] on your keyboard to move. Press [ESC] to regain your mouse cursor.
With supported VR hardware and a modern web browser, click the VR button in the bottom right. Use the [Trackpad]/[Joystick] on a controller to use Locomotion movement, or use the [Trigger] for teleport movement.
Tap screen to move forward, or gaze at Blue Checkpoints to teleport.
To use a VR Headset for your Smartphone, tap the VR button in the bottom right, then insert your phone into your Headset. (May not work correctly on iOS)


Made using A-Frame & Extras, Font Awesome, Community-submitted art pieces, and art assets from the PAYDAY 2 Team.

Graphics Quality

Select a Graphics Quality to begin.

High Quality Graphics require a faster device. Low Quality Graphics will increase your FPS.

You can change this at any time via the Menu to the bottom left.

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