PAYDAY Mini Series

We’ve created a 4 part mini-series talking about PAYDAY from conception to now to the future. We asked some of the original creators of PAYDAY to join us and tell their stories from the birth of the PAYDAY idea!

Live Show

We’ve arranged for a special live-show to mark the occasion. Tune in on the 22nd October, 7PM, at and bring your best cheer to the chat!

In-game Event

Pop balloons for buffs!

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What would a PAYDAY event be without a sale? Like a robbery without a gun, that’s what. Just plain wrong.

Click here to see the current sales, up to 84% discount, right now.

Community Competition

Ever wanted to design a suit? Now’s your chance!

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Fan Art

Enter your artwork into the fan art gallery for the world to see.

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Check out the t-shirt created for PAYDAY’s 10th birthday.

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Up to 84% off

Share your own PAYDAY story by using the #MyPAYDAYStory tag on social media!

In-game Event

In keeping with the theme of the event, we’ll have balloons. Yes, balloons! These are ‘special’ balloons however, once a special enemy is killed, a balloon will spawn. If you or one of your team then pops the balloon, you’ll all get a buff.

Free Items

It wouldn’t be a celebration without gifts! So to honor the 10th anniversary of the most famous clowns in the underworld, based on artwork from our many time partner and good friend AngusBurgers, we present - the clown suits!


For those of you whose fervor of all things PAYDAY doesn’t stop at the gates of the digital world, our artists have created a gorgeous new piece of street wear just for PAYDAY’s 10th anniversary.

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10 Years of PAYDAY
Episode 1
Community Contest
Steam Sale
10 Years of PAYDAY
Episode 2
In-game Celebrations
10 Years of PAYDAY
Episode 3
Livestream & 10 Years of PAYDAY Episode 4
Community Contest
Fan Art Gallery

We’ve seen a lot of beautiful artwork throughout the years and for the 10th anniversary of PAYDAY we’re asking you to submit some of it to us.

We have chosen artwork from your submissions, and now you can view the Art Gallery in its full 3D glory!

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