PAYDAY 2 x PAYDAY 3 - Infamous Rewards

Unlock rewards in PAYDAY 3 by completing milestones in PAYDAY 2!

You can gain access to unique rewards in PAYDAY 3 simply by playing PAYDAY 2.

Don’t think that means this is some cookie cutter giveaway, this is a challenge made for the accomplished heister in order to let them distinguish themselves from the rest.

So wait no longer, and check the table below on what rewards are in store!

If you’ve already completed the challenges you’ll be able to claim the items instantly. If not, you can complete the challenges in PAYDAY 2, and then claim them in PAYDAY 3 at any time.

Achieve the following in To unlock the following in
PAYDAY 2 Veteran Own PAYDAY 2 on either Steam or Epic Store.
"OG American Dream" Mask The newer mask might be a bit swankier, but damn, does this one take me down memory lane!
Becoming Infamous Reach the first rank of Infamy.
"Old Faithful" Weapon Preset When the old mixes with the new, wonderful things can happen. This classic gets shit done! Fitted with some quality-of-life additions, the Old Faithful will keep you mowing and stealing in just about any situation.
Becoming Monstrous Reach the twenty-fifth rank of Infamy.
"Echelon" Suit I once knew a guy who worked in the intelligence community. He told me they mostly made up their own missions. They usually amounted to getting their hands on untraceable cash to keep for themselves. And they dressed kind of cool.
Shit Just Got Real Complete all contracts on the Very Hard difficulty or above.
"Very Hard Skull" Weapon Charm Yeah, you’ve done an alright job, I guess. You deserve a little something.
Completely OVERKILL! Complete all contracts on the OVERKILL difficulty or above.
"OVERKILL Skull" Weapon Charm I’ll trust you to be the lookout while I do the heavy lifting. Seems like you know a thing or two about the heisting business.
Master of Mayhem Complete all contracts on the Mayhem difficulty or above.
"Mayhem Skull" Weapon Charm Okay, I’ll put some respect on your name. You’re on crowd control, and I’ll take the vault.
OVERKILL Salutes You! Complete all contracts on the Death Wish difficulty or above.
"Death Wish Skull" Weapon Charm Fuck yeah, now we’re talking! I know that you've got my back! We got this, no problem!
A Heister of Legend Complete all contracts on the Death Sentence difficulty.
"Death Sentence Skull" Weapon Charm Hey, this is your show. Just tell me what to do, and I’m on it. I trust you with my life.
One More Down, No More To Go Complete all contracts on the Death Sentence difficulty with the One Down mechanic activated.
"One Down Skull" Weapon Charm Alright, you’re the best heister I’ve ever seen, hands down. If you want to add some extra risk to get the adrenaline going, I’m with you all the way.
The End Complete a certain feat in PAYDAY 2.
"Fleur-De-lis" Gloves From adorning Gaulish coins to gracing the helmets of Scythian kings, this ancient symbol persists. Some believe it holds secrets, but in the end, the mystery it might reveal is in the eye of the beholder.

How do I claim my PAYDAY 3 unlocks?

With Starbreeze Nebula, we can sync your PAYDAY 2 progress with your Nebula Account, and when you launch PAYDAY 3, your account will grant you the awards you've earned!

  1. Create or Login to your Starbreeze Nebula Account.
  2. Visit the Linked Accounts page, and ensure that your Steam/Epic Account is linked.
    • Optionally, ensure that all platform accounts you intend to use are also linked to the same Nebula Account on this page.
  3. Launch PAYDAY 2 at least once on Steam, or Epic Store, to ensure that your progress is synchronised.
  4. Claim your items in the Starbreeze Nebula Dashboard.
  5. Make sure to log in to PAYDAY 3 using the same Nebula Account you used earlier!
    Your items should appear in your inventory within PAYDAY 3!
    • If you've successfully linked your platform account to your Nebula account, PAYDAY 3 will recognise this, and log you into your Nebula Account automatically!


My Infamous Rewards are not synchronising with Nebula after achieving a milestone!

Once you have achieved a new milestone in PAYDAY 2, for example, reaching Infamy I, make sure to restart PAYDAY 2 before attempting to claim your reward.

This will allow the game to resynchronise your progress with Nebula, and should ensure your PAYDAY 3 unlocks are updated.



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