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A lot of our fans have cried out for official wallpapers. When not playing the game (which by the way is considered a criminal offense in some states), they want to keep on getting inspired to heist. So in a gesture of gratitude, one of our talented artists at OVERKILL Software has been given the task of delivering what you want: some kick ass wallpapers and posters.

Due to popular demand we have decided to release full sized versions of the posters for free. Print them out like a master counterfeiter and show the world that you’re a classy criminal. Click here to download the posters in a zip file.

Desktop background images are available as 1920×1080 JPG images:


Our dedicated fan Matheus “kill” Meloni has taken our Zombie in-game theme and made some infectious wallpapers for our other fans out there. Thanks, Matheus!
Desktop background images are available as 1920×1080 JPG images: