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Hoxton's Housewarming Party
Introducing Aldstone
John Cleese follow
Welcome home, Sir.
Aldstone, starring the one and only John Cleese, has arrived in Washington to take care of the PAYDAY gang. He’ll make sure that the new Safe House is tidied up between heists, just like a butler should.

John Cleese brings Aldstone to life with his classic voice and british humour, and we’re ever so glad to have him as a part of the game!
Lots of notorious criminals are converging on Washington. But Commissioner Garrett is not happy about the DHS meddling on his turf.
Hoxton's Housewarming Party
New Difficulties It’s time to provide you with some new challenges! We’re adding 2 new Difficulties to the game, that will make you fight harder for a bigger PAYDAY. We've also tweaked the existing difficulties - making it more balanced.
Mayhem // One Down
As an added feature, Bulldozers can’t be stunned in any difficulty. Also, the Bulldozer can now rush!
Mayhem is for those who think that Overkill is a bit on the easy side, but feel that Death Wish is a bit tough.
One Down is the toughest there is. You can only be downed once. One more after that, and you’ll go directly to custody. The One Down units are the DHS special task force, the Zeal Team. We’re gonna make you fight for your PAYDAY, we promise.
The Housewarming party is getting started. Hoxton is ready to show the new Safe House to everyone.
Hoxton's Housewarming Party
Safe HouseWelcome to the Safe House! The old Safe House is no more, and instead we have a new one for you to keep your money and gear in.
Welcome to the Safe House! The old Safe House is no more, and instead we have a new one for you to keep your money and gear in. Sometimes you simply need to re-locate to get away from the fuzz and find a place that will fit all your loot.
The Safe House consists common areas together with 16 areas tied to different characters. These 16 areas can be upgraded by using Continental Coins. Continental Coins can only be earned as you complete Heists, Side Jobs and earn Trophies. Each room can be upgraded 3 times.
As you upgrade areas, you also unlock mini-games and features that are found around the Safe House. Mini-games will evolve and get better as you unlock the next level.
You can invite friends and fellow heisters to your Safe House. Simply so you can brag and show off your shiny lair where you relax inbetween heists.
The Mafia is there of course. And they have opinions, as usual.
Hoxton's Housewarming Party
Mafia MasksFour new masks are available! All inspired by the golden era in
the early 1900s when hoodlums, thugs and mobsters roamed the streets.
Al Capone
George "Bugs" Moran
Charles "Lucky" Luciano
Stephanie "Madame" St. Clair
Al Capone

The original mobster that really made the criminal way of life something to strive for. A given member of the PAYDAY crew if he were alive today. But now you can at least cosplay him, making the police scared as they think they’ve seen a ghost.

George "Bugs" Moran

The rival of Al Capone. Two men battling it out as the prohibition era turned booze into gold for anyone who could get their hands on some bottles of whiskey. Capone even tried gunning him down in the infamous Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre. But he failed.

Charles "Lucky" Luciano

Considered the "father of modern organized crime". Not clear why he’s nicknamed "Lucky", but he did managed to get arrested 25 times, but never spent one day in jail. And he survived a throat slashing as he refused to join another mob. Either way, he’s a true inspiration.

Stephanie "Madame" St. Clair

This is one tough cookie. The criminal part of St. Clair was born as she went through hell one dark night. After that, she dove deep into the shady world of illegality. But she was also an advocate for civil rights and police corruption. Like a modern day, twisted version of Robin Hood one might say.

Hoxton's Housewarming Party
New ColorsFrom now on, all infamous colors will have the same chance of dropping in the card loot drop as every other color. They will still be more expensive to apply than other colors but will have the same availability. We also added a whole range of new color mixes. A whopping 45 color sets to be exact! Have fun customizing!
Scary Green
Seagrass Green
Skin Pink
Dark Purple
45 New Color Sets!
Wolf brought something fun. Something that goes "bang!".
Hoxton's Housewarming Party
New Throwable We got a brand new grenade for you! A Concussion Grenade that’ll stun all enemies within the blast radius. It won’t damage an enemy, but instead you’ll get a bunch of sitting ducks - making those headshots easier. They come in packs of 6, have a 4 second stun, and are perfect for crowd control.
Some of the guests brought a nice shiny safe as a moving-in present
Hoxton's Housewarming Party
Hoxton's SafeHoxton is a special kinda guy and since it’s his party, his safe is special too. We skipped the Commons and Uncommons and gone full out with 2 Legendaries, 3 Epics and 4 Rares! 9 Skins total!
Akimbo Compact-5
Razor Splitter
Krinkov SMG
The Judge Shotgun
Baby Deagle
China Puff
Star Spawn
Platypus 70
Party Crasher
Ksp 58 LMG
Locomotive Shotgun
Plush Phoenix
M308 Rifle
Commissioner Garrett is reviewing the new special Medic units. He’s confident they’ll enable him to take the PAYDAY Gang down.
Hoxton's Housewarming Party
The Medic The Medic is a new addition to the enemy team, but he only spawns on OVERKILL difficulty and above. The Medic saves enemies from otherwise fatal shots so you better take him out first!
Info In order to increase the life expectancy of police officers when facing the immense firepower of the PAYDAY Gang, the Washington Metro Police has finally received much needed reinforcements. Well-trained, armed Medic units can now provide instant first aid during combat, keeping officers in the fight for longer. Though some of the more jaded veterans in the force are commenting that these new guys just became a new priority target...
Chains is showing his shooting range off. It’s better than anything he had in the army or as a mercenary.
Hoxton's Housewarming Party
Chains PackThe Chains Mask Pack is themed around Chains’ military background and have that special gung-ho feel.
Dawn Patrol
Pickle Face
Martial Law

Chains had this beret custom made in preparation for a mercenary operation in West Africa. What he did while wearing it is something he won’t talk about, though.

Dawn Patrol

Way back in the day, on a secret and highly dangerous mercenary mission in Southeast Asia, Chains acquired this old US Army helmet. No one knows who the previous owner was.

Pickle Face

Lean, mean, green killing machine. The perfect mask to wear when you’re in a pickle and need to make like a banana and split. Be water, my friend.

Martial Law

This is an old souvenir that Chains keeps as a memory of two long, boring months spent in Central America doing VIP security after an armed coup. Effectively, it reminds him of the kind of military monotony that made him leave mercenary life behind.

Clowns and Cops is a great game. But it seems the rules keep changing...

That awkward moment when you ask for something ironically but then you get it anyway. Don’t make that face. You’re supposed to be happy!

Hoxton's Housewarming Party
Mutators For those of you who are looking for a different challenge in PAYDAY 2 check out our 10 new mutators. Mutators changes the game radically and is a fun feature when you want to change up the pace!
Lobbies on that use Mutators will appear in a different color. You won’t always get the same rewards playing with Mutators as playing without them, as some Mutators might make heisting too easy for you.
Hoxton's Housewarming Party
MutatorsUsing Mutators might affect your computer’s performance. Use with caution and tongue in cheek!
Killing an enemy will split them into 2 weaker enemies in place until they can no longer be split. The maximum splits can be set between 1 and 4.
Killing an enemy will cause them to explode with the same amount of damage that killed them. Bulldozers can be set to explode with Nuclear damage!
Friendly Fire
You can damage other players by hitting them with weapons other than explosives. The multiplier can be set between 0.1 and 3.
Because of Training
Enemies will spawn with more health than normal, making them easier or harder to kill. The multiplier can be set up to 10.
Alternate Arsenal
Players will take more damage than normal from being hit by enemies. The multiplier can be set up to 10.
Clone Army
All enemies that spawn during assault phases will be replaced by the specific special unit that you select. You can choose between Bulldozers, Shields, Tasers, Cloakers and Medics.
Extraterrestrial Heisters
Bain has finally unveiled his true self as The Mother-Bain, and your Shotguns will abduct enemies so that you can return them to the mothership. Do not disappoint The Mother-Bain.
All normal enemies during assault waves are replaced with Medics, and all special units are replaced with Bulldozers.
Over Dozed
All bulldozers are equipped with a shield to protect themselves with.
Hurt Me More
When a cloaker charges and kicks somebody they will apply a secondary effect. You can choose between Firetrap, Explode, Smoke Bomb, or Random.
Hoxton's Housewarming Party
Body Count LimitA new slider has been added to the Advanced Video Options that lets you choose how many corpses are visible at the same time. When you’ve reached the point in a heist where you ask yourself “What have I done?” you’ve got the right setting.
< Normal >
Everyone is going at the piñata. But this is a dozer piñata - it’ll take a special weapon to break it.
Hoxton's Housewarming Party
New Shotgun A brand new, life snatching Shotgun has been added to the weapon’s menu: The Goliath 12G Shotgun. It comes with a revolving mag that holds 6 shots. But it doesn’t just look good, it’s as deadly as you’d expect.
Magazine 6
Total Ammo 54
Rate of Fire 333
Damage 42
Accuracy 56
Stability 44
Concealment 13
Threat 28
The original PAYDAY gang did some legendary heists. But Sydney wants some of that old school action too!
Classics never grow old, so therefore, we’re adding the original map - Panic Room - to PAYDAY 2. One of the most popular maps ever. We’ve amped up the graphics, but kept the challenge. This is the heist that’ll make you and your crew legends, as you battle your way up towards the Panic Room, hopefully managing to airlift the whole thing out of there. A simple double-cross where close quarter combat is key.
Hoxton's Housewarming Party
The return of a classic - Panic Room! OVERKILL_Jules and OVERKILL_Tobias together with some QA guys will take on the old Payday The Heist classic PANIC ROOM. Cause classic never grow old.
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