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Update 54 and Infamy 2.0 is live!

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We’re live with update 54 and the new Infamy 2.0!

Update 54 changelog

Update size: 59.0 MB

Infamy 2.0
  • Added the new Infamy 2.0 system
  • Added 20 additional Infamy levels, bringing the total to 25
  • Added 8 new masks as a part of the new Infamy rewards
  • Added 8 materials as a part of the new Infamy rewards
  • Added 8 patterns as a part of the new Infamy rewards
  • Added 20 new Infamy achievements
Hype Train Event
  • Added 70%* XP boost for everyone until the end of March

*We were taken by surprise with the amount of Hype Fuel added so fast. We will update the XP boost from 70% to 90% in the next patch, assuming the final goal has not been reached by then in which case we will bring it to 100%.

Thanks to the valiant efforts of the Hype Train Heisters, the Hype Train has reached 9 destinations thus far, bringing everyone in the PAYDAY 2 community a sweet XP boost for the duration of March – starting with the Infamy 2.0 update.

Check out the Infamy 2.0 website here!


Please make sure you have the absolute latest update of Hoxhud. If the game for some reason would crash, please follow what is described below.


If you “suddenly” crash after the update, it’s because your game is modified. Use the threads in the forum to solve your issue. Uninstall your mods if you can’t start the game or wait until the mod developers have updated the mods to work with the game.

We’ve gotten a lot of crash logs recently that we can’t do anything about because it’s all about mods crashing your games.

If you have tampered with your game files, you’ve done so at your own risk knowing that it will affect your software.

As a last resort, e-mail us directly.

Now get those helmets flying!


OVERKILL – a Starbreeze Studio.

Via: Steam Community

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