Agosto 11 2016 - 3:15 pm

PAYDAY 2: Update 105.2 is live

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We’re live with Update 105.2!

Update 105.2 changelog

Update size: 1GB

  • Gadgets will now remain activated when switching between weapons!
  • Fixed an issue where car windows couldn’t be broken from both sides
  • Changed description for ECM Jammer to reflect the correct duration time
  • The secondary deployable will now be shown in the inventory screen
  • Fixed an issue with the outline on traded converted enemies
  • Fixed an issue where bags could not be interacted with when a painting had fallen over them
  • Fixed issues with the ammo cost when deploying and picking up Sentry Guns
  • Made some critical mission notes readable when on low texture settings
  • Players can now use First Aid Kits and Doctor Bags when at full health
  • Fixed a crash when a friendly AI tried to target the SWAT Van Turret
  • The sentry gun will no longer fire at a cop in the early stages of domination
  • Fixed so that it is now possible to deploy the bipod during the inspect weapon animation
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when a money stack with a Sentry Gun deployed on it was picked up
  • Fixed outlines on Cloakers not displaying correctly when moving too far away
  • Added collision to cop cars to prevent player to accidentally get inside of them
  • Fixed an issue where cop’s guns would not spawn correctly
  • Fixed an issue where player’s weapons would not show correctly if swapping weapons while in shooting position in a car
  • Fixed an animation issue when killing cops that are repelling with fire damage
  • Optimized the way steel sight automatic marking works
  • Disabled Cloaker attacks on a player in swansong state
  • Recoil animation will now play properly when enemies are moving and firing
  • Fixed an issue where enemies would not take any explosive damage if standing inside of each other
  • Fixed an issue where clients could duplicate the Sentry Gun
  • Fixed an issue where Captain Winter’s Phalanx would spawn wrong helmets if killed by a headshot
  • Fixed an issue during stealth where Sentry Guns would continue firing even when broken
  • Fixed an issue with detection while carrying bags
  • Fixed an issue when having the armor bag equipped. The armor initialization values would still use the equipped armor. This was present until the armor will regenerate for the first time
  • Updated the German, Spanish and Italian translations
  • Fixed an issue where clients could be tased while inside vehicles
  • Fixed an issue where you would get stuck in tased state if looking through a security camera while getting tased
  • Fixed an issue where the team AI would remain in stealth state when going loud too quickly
  • Fixed an issue where the amount of Suppressed Sentries would be shown incorrectly in loadout


  • Changed the contractor video for the Meltdown, Goat Simulator, Santa Workshop, Aftershock, The Diamond, Hoxton Revenge, Birth of Sky and Beneath the Mountain heists.

    Biker Heist

  • Fixed an issue where players were able to lockpick certain doors that were not supposed to be lock picked
  • Removed a defense waypoint icon that wrongly appeared over Mike during certain objectives
  • Fixed a helicopter that would not despawn correctly
  • Added a collision to prevent players getting stuck behind a shopping cart outside the clubhouse
  • On day 2, moved some boxes in the train that players could get stuck behind
  • Fixed an issue where additional loot from day 1 would not be added in the payout on day 2


  • During stealth, the level now automatically goes loud when the player blows open the safe
  • Added a yellow outline on printed counterfeit money stacks

    Hoxton Revenge

  • Fixed an issue where the front doors collision would remain if blown open by explosives.

    Shadow Raid

  • Fixed an issue where civilians could not be moved into the camera room

    Cook Off

  • Fixed an issue where enemies could move through a shed door

    Golden Grin Casino

  • Synched cut animation speed to correspond to drill time when BFD is upgraded
  • Fixed an issue where debris from skylight would get stuck in mid air after being destroyed by the BFD
  • Fixed some cameras that were facing walls

    Art Gallery

  • Fixed an issue where you could get paintings stuck under cars


  • Fixed an issue where some of the bigger cardboard boxes would shoot out feathers when hit

    Boiling Point

  • Fixed an issue where players could get into the compound by jumping over the wall
  • Aligned the drill position on certain doors to match keyhole position
  • Increased the collision of wood piles to hinder player getting stuck inside the collision
  • Moved a can of paint that would appear inside of a log


  • Added collision to metal beams sticking out of hangar roof
  • On day 2, fixed an issue where one of the windows at the front entrance was unbreakable
  • On day 2, fixed an issue where some guards could not be marked during stealth

    Goat Simulator

  • On day 1, increased the escape zone trigger for the car
  • On day 2, removed a hiding location where the cops couldn’t find the player

    First World Bank

  • Fixed an issue where a part of the vault entrance roof was missing collision

    Hoxton Breakout day 2

  • Fixed issue where you could pick up the servers through walls
  • Aligned collision on certain walls and pillars
  • Moved a Gage packet that could spawn on the same location as a keycard

    Big Oil

  • On day 2, made the engine bags lighter

    Framing Frame

  • On day 3 moved a door to align better with the floor

    Street Escape

  • Fixed an issue where enemies could move through a wall


  • Fixed an issue where bags could be thrown through a gate in the basement

  • Removed an extra line for the cost of buying skills in the skills menu
  • Fixed an issue where Second Wind: Basic would also give the Second Wind: Ace skill
  • Fixed an issue where the saw wouldn’t benefit from the Bullet Storm skill.
  • Fixed an issue where the Close By: Basic skill would trigger on all weapons if interacting with bags
  • Captain Winters and his Phalanx are no longer affected by the Heavy Impact skill
  • Fixed an issue with the armor bag not working properly when using Jack of all Trades: Aced
  • Inspire: Basic now shows correct value of increased speed of revive in description
  • Frenzy: Basic now receives 10% less damage taken instead of 30% health damage
  • Frenzy: Aced now receives 25% less damage taken instead of 60% health damage and healing received is now reduced to 0% from 50%
  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to mark SWAT Vans when using High Value Target: Ace
  • Third Law: Basic now reduces the cost of deploying sentry guns with 5%
  • Eco Sentry: Basic now reduces the cost of deploying sentry guns with 5%
  • China Puff will no longer trigger Lock ’n Load: Aced
  • Stockholm Syndrome: Aced can now activate automatically if all players are in custody, at least one player has the skill but has not used it yet and at least one hostage remains on the level
  • Stockholm Syndrome: Aced can now use hostages taken after the player entered custody
  • Stockholm Syndrome: Aced is no longer usable in stealth
  • Stockholm Syndrome: Aced no longer shows a trade prompt for other players when used
  • Stockholm Syndrome: Aced skill now triggers correctly during assault
  • Stockholm Syndrome: Aced prompt now appears correctly for the player when the skill can be used
  • Stockholm Syndrome: Aced will now trade the player who has the skill and not the one that spend the longest time in custody
  • Stockholm Syndrome: Aced now only works for players with the skill
  • Fixed an issue where Equilibrium: Ace was not applied
  • Fixed an issue where Optical Illusions: Ace would apply to all weapons

  • Hitting a vehicle or a Sentry Gun with a melee attack will now play the correct sound
  • Increased bullet hit sound max distance from 20m to 40m
  • Fixed an issue where the drill’s break sound would play indefinitely when upgraded by clients
  • Improved the weapon sound balance

Steam Market
  • Removed drill counter on free safes in the steam inventory

  • Microphone Stand will now be properly aligned when charging
  • Tweaked first person camera for the Akimbo Compact-5 and Akimbo Krinkov
  • The RPK Light Machine Gun can now use grips from Gage Courier Mod pack
  • Fixed an issue with accuracy not being correct with shotguns while aiming down sight while using steel sight

Perk Decks
  • Fixed the description of Maniac: Excitement to show the correct amount of damage conversion amount

  • Fixed an issue where "Healer-Tank-Damage-Dealer" achievement required 10 points in every subtree
  • Fixed an issue where community grenade would not be counted towards the progress for the "Fire in the Hole" achievement

Hope you’re having a great summer!


OVERKILL – a Starbreeze Studio.

Via: Steam Community

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