4 lipca 2017 - 3:30 pm

PAYDAY2: Desync Beta Update 1.4

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Time for an update to the Desync Beta. With some more fixes to the desync functionality and all the changes to the live game from the 149.0 Update that was released last week.

To take part in the Beta please read the Desync Beta – How to prepare and join post for information on how to activate the Beta and recommended preparations before opting into the Beta.

To leave feedback or report bugs on the Beta, please visit the Desync Beta Forum. The Beta branch will be available on both PC and Steam OS.

Me and my associates will now go and wreak some havoc.
OVERKILL – a Starbreeze Studio.

Update size: Live to Beta
550.6 MB

Beta Changes
  • Added a button to the profile selection that allows players the uses mouse and keyboard to select a profile without scrolling through the entire list
  • Enemies and Team AI reloading will use magazine reload sounds if HQ weapons is turned on
  • Fixed Akimbo off-hand weapon not disappearing when the player is performing an interaction animation
  • Fixed flamethrower being silent and not causing alerts
  • Fixed Team AI firing automatic rifles infinitely instead of firing in bursts
  • Team AI equipped with shotguns will now show the correct amount of tracers when they fire
  • Team AI equipped with LMGs can now spray fire on full auto instead of only firing in short bursts
  • Team AI equipped with auto-shotguns can now rapidfire the shotguns instead of only firing one shot at a time
  • Fixed the damage being dealt by the R870, Mosconi, and Joceline O/U shotguns when they were equipped by Team AI
  • Fixed bullpup stance not applying correctly while running
  • Fixed rifles keeping the bullpup stance if switching from a bullpup weapon
  • Fixed Captain Winters minions changing to the wrong animation set once they had been revived
  • Add desync catchup for entering and exiting ziplines, fixes players getting stuck in the zipline animation if catching up at the end of a zipline
  • Fixed enemies using the Mac-10 reloading it like it was a rifle
  • Fixed desync where enemies would not fire on both client and server while performing hurt actions
  • Fixed enemies firing their weapons not syncing correctly between clients, causing enemy reload times to desync

Via: Steam Community

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