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PAYDAY 2: Cartel Business Update

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Welcome back to Sunny Mexico![www.overkillsoftware.com]

We bring an awesome update packed to the brim with loot and goodies. We got heisting, guns and suits and much much more for you to explore. There’s action and tension waiting for you on CrimeNet. We stay south of the border for a good ‘ol American bank robbery with a heavy Mexican flair.

The San Martín Bank Heist

Our favorite heisters are enjoying their stay south of the border but this time an old friend has a task for them. Vlad wants you to steal some precious treasures hidden in a bank vault. He prefers the thrill of going in loud through the front door, gun drawn and masks on. But if you want to take the sneakier route there are other options available. Just be careful over there – don’t expect the Mexican police force to go easy on you, ‘cause they won’t.

New Full Auto Pistols

There has never before been so much bang for the buck in a weapon pack as with the Federales Weapon Pack, there’s a combined fire rate of 2851 rounds per minute across three pistols. With single and akimbo variants you will be able to black out the sun with flying helmets. The full auto pistol arsenal of PAYDAY 2 just got a 300% increase in the number of weapons on offer. If you enjoy the sound of thousands of rounds echoing over the AO this is the DLC for you.

New Outfits

Music and clothing are two of the most powerful statements of personal style and belief one can make. From the Hippies in the 1960s, fighting against warmongering politicians, to the Punk Rockers in the 70s and 80s, smashing guitars over the head of capitalism, or rappers busting rhymes against oppression. And some people simply prefer an orchestra mixed with gunfire and explosions, wandering the Earth with a gun in one hand and a trumpet in the other, looking for wrongs to make right. They have been effective avenues for informing society at large if you play by the rules or not – a sure way to either show your conformity or to say "FUCK YOU!" to the establishment.

Custom Weapon Colors

Do you feel you need more variety in your arsenal? Do you feel the need to pimp out your guns? Perhaps make them match that snazzy outfit you are wearing or the mask covering your face. No one says you can’t look good while mowing down the cops. With 20 different colors to customize your weapons, you will not be without options. There are even some free colors to let you try out the system and see what you can do. Each of the colors can be applied to any weapon in the game and with 6 different application sets and 5 wear states to choose between. With this DLC you will have well over 600 variants for each of your weapons.

Safes, Drills and the Marketplace

As some of you have seen in my announcement last week we are changing how our weapon skin safes and drills work. You will no longer be able to sell or trade a drill or an unopened safe on the marketplace as of this update, and you will no longer be able to buy drills for the older safes. However, all old safes that used to require a drill will now be openable without the need for any drills. If you have old safes in your inventory you will now be able to just open them like our more recent safes. Furthermore, all the safes that have once been in the rotation but were removed will now be added to the pool of safes you can receive in a loot drop.

Why are we doing this?

These changes are made because of certain legal aspects connected to sales of digital items with a random outcome. Since drills are part of the mechanic of opening a safe, we will remove these items as well.

What will happen with your old Drills?

If you have old drills in your inventory they will be converted to a safe of the corresponding type. A “Dallas drill” will become a “Dallas safe”. The new safe will be openable right away and you can claim the skin inside.

Will something change with the skins?

No, the skins will function just as they do now. You can use, sell, buy and trade them just like normal.

What Safes and Drills are affected by this change?

All safes will be made nonmarketable and nontradeable. This change will affect every safe even if they did not require a drill. You will no longer be able to purchase drills directly. Drills in players’ inventories will be made nonmarketable and nontradeable.
The following safes will be made openable without a drill and will return to the drop table for available safes:

  • Sputnik Safe
  • Bodhi Safe
  • Dallas Safe
  • Wolf Safe
  • Jimmy Safe
  • Sydney Safe
  • Crimefest 2 Safe

Any drills currently in a player’s inventory safes will be converted into its corresponding safe on the next launch of the game.

What will happen with the items in the Steam marketplace?

Any item currently on the market place will remain on the marketplace until these items are taken off the marketplace, either but a successful purchase or the original owner taking the item back. Once these items are in a players’ inventory these items will be updated according to the changes outlined above.

Why are we adding more safes to the drop table?

Without the need for drills, the older safes work just like any other safe. And we wanted to bring a greater variety of skins to our players. Some of these old safes had very short runs in the rotation and therefore there are a lot of players that never had a chance to get these skins. We wanted to make all the skins available to everyone. That being said, since these safes are rare we want them to keep that sense of rarity. All our safes have different drop chances based on the safe type, and these safes will be a rare drop similar but not identical to “event safes”.

What about the safe and drill gained from the Completely Overkill Pack DLC?

Since that safe and drill were not tradable or marketable from the beginning and these safes have never been in rotation, this safe and drill will be completely unaffected by these changes. The Completely Overkill Pack safe will NOT be added to the drop table of available safes.

It’s better to heist and loot than to never have heisted at all.
OVERKILL – a Starbreeze Studio.

Update 199 Mark II Changelog

Update size: 1.9 GB


  • Added a new specific interface icon to indicate that an inventory item is unlocked by achievement
  • Ghost Riders achievement now correctly recognizes the One Down difficulty mask
  • Moved some settings from Advanced Video options to User Interface options
  • Players can now switch AI heisters’ masks and weapons quickly in the crew management screen by hovering and scrolling the mouse wheel


  • Fixed a crash that could occur when a player dropped into a game where someone was using converted cops
  • Fixed an issue where cops could sometimes get stuck in a "hands up" position if players used concussion grenades
  • Fixed an issue with night vision masks not showing the players last life as grey
  • Fixed so that all cameras you can observe will start at their max zoom out position
  • Fixed so that clients can no longer enter crew management when in a lobby


  • Border Crossing – Fixed an issue where a blown door would clip with the stairs in the big warehouse
  • Border Crossing – Fixed an issue where a gas can could spawn inside a pile of boxes, making it inaccessible
  • Border Crossing – Fixed so that players are no longer able to throw bags in unreachable places on the hangar doors
  • Golden Grin Casino – Fixed an issue where the laser trail effect did not match with the actual position of the BFD drill
  • Hoxton Breakout – Fixed so that players can no longer put equipment on the moving armored car
  • White House – Fixed an issue where players could grab thermite through a wall


  • Fixed a bug that made the Arbiter Grenade launcher display all skins at the same time when previewing
  • Fixed a clipping issue with using the Joceline shotgun and the Raincoat outfit
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when customizing an armor skin
  • Fixed an issue with Bonnie’s head being slightly misaligned when wearing the Scrubs outfit

    Text and Language

  • Added missing inventory text for the Stainless Steel Syringe to inform players that it deals additional poison damage
  • Fixed a faulty subtitle saying nine instead of eight when counting bags
  • Updated achievement requirement to correctly indicate "Bullet Hell" instead of "10/10"
  • Updated references to Hotline Miami 2 Digital Special Edition to use the correct name
  • Updated the unlock info for the achievement "BAAaa…*BANG*…aaAAH" to use the correct name of the mask
  • Updated the unlock info for the achievement "Heisters of the Round Table" to use the correct name of the material
  • Updated the unlock info for the achievement "Pass the Ammo" to use the correct name of the mask

Any mods you have installed may interfere with the update, so please disable them to avoid crashes until the modders have had time to update their mods. If you are experiencing crashes please read this thread for more information.

Via: Steam Community

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