18 czerwca 2021 - 3:18 pm

PAYDAY 2: Update 208.2

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Update 208.2 Changelog

Update size: 61.5MB

Hello Heisters
We needed to recall yesterday’s patch due to a soft lock in the lobby screen. This, and another issue with the muscle perk deck, have now been addressed. We can therefore release the fixes from the original 208.1 patch.


  • Fixed an issue with the achievement "This Calls for a Round of Sputniks!" that made it not trigger when requirements were met
  • Added Jiu Feng contact database audio
  • Fixed an issue where the player could not change difficulty when playing career mode offline
  • Fixed a localization issue in the career selection screen
  • Fixed a sorting issue for gloves when it comes to DLC locks
  • Fixed an issue where the Kingpin perk deck would give a bigger health boost than it should
  • Change the name of the button to open Crime Net from the lobby screen

Ukrainian Prisoner Heist

  • Fixed an issue where the "Ukrainian Prisoner Heist" would not display correctly in steam rich presence
  • Fixed an issue where triad guards would sometimes shoot at each other
  • Fixed a collision issue near the control room that would sometimes launch the player into the air
  • Fixed an issue with the waypoint for the blowtorch not appearing in loud and stealth.
  • Fixed an issue where AI could stand inside one of the servers in the harbor office.
  • Fixed an issue where AI could stand on top of the water cooler inside the camera room
  • Fixed an issue where the notepad could be placed on the wall after the gate was opened
  • Fixed an issue where players could shoot enemies into places they could not go
  • Fixed an issue where crew AI could get stuck on some containers in the warehouses

Updates may be incompatible with the mods you may have installed. Even seemingly unrelated mods may cause unexpected issues.

If you are experiencing any issues with the game; try removing any mods you may have installed and try again.

If you are having issues with an unmodded game you can try to verify the integrity of the game files. In the steam library; right-click on PAYDAY 2. Select "Properties" from the menu. Under the tab "LOCAL FILES" select "VERIFY INTEGRITY OF GAME FILES…".

The progress may take some time.

Keep those helmets flying.
OVERKILL – a Starbreeze Studio.

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