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PAYDAY 2: 9th Anniversary

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Hello Heisters!

Whether you’ve been with us from the beginning or joined at any time in the past 9 years, we’re here because of you. To give you a small show of our appreciation for your continued support, we have put together an event that we hope you’ll enjoy.

So grab your mask, rally your heister friends being kept from their criminal calling by family or work and let’s get rambling!

You can find out more about the event at the PAYDAY 2 9th Anniversary Site[]

Little Piggies all grown up!

This year’s anniversary celebrations will center around a massive golden Piggy Bank, and our job is to fill the Piggy Bank with those sweet Piggy Bucks!

Defeating enemies will grant you a bag of Piggy Bucks; headshots or Cash Blaster kills will grant you the Piggy Bucks bags faster than normal kills. As you throw bags into the Piggy Bank it will grow in size. You can choose to cash out by breaking the Piggy Bank at any time and get away with what you collected. The Piggy will need more and more bags to grow the higher the stage you are on. You’ll be able to claim a reward for breaking the Piggy once the heist is completed, there is also a 3-tiered community challenge with awesome cosmetics to work towards as well as 4 personal challenges with additional XP rewards to unlock. You may work on these challenges across several runs of the 35 heists available in the event. Get out there and collect some Piggy Bucks, but be fast about it, don’t leave the bags on the ground too long. Can you persevere to see the piggy’s ultimate form?

Community Challenges

It’s time again to work together and unlock some sweet-ass threads. The heisters need some new bling and the Piggy needs more Piggy Bucks. There is only one thing to do. Bring the Piggy Banks lots of bags. The Piggy is feeling generous and will give you a new set of gloves for a mere 100,000 bags of Piggy Bucks. But if you want the suit then you need to provide the Piggy with 1,500,000 bags of Piggy Bucks. No heister can leave an event without a sick new mask. This mask has been hand-assembled by Locke himself from hundreds of flawless diamonds that sparkle as the light dance on the surface of the mask. This mask can be yours for the bargain price of 3,000,000 bags of Piggy Bucks.

Note: This outfit is only unlockable during the 9th Anniversary event (though might show up again in the future) so make sure you participate or at the very least join in to claim the outfit.

Gloves: Magic Touch Masks: Nine Lives Outfits: Money Laundering, Dress for Success

Cash Blaster

The long-awaited return of a favorite! The Cash Blaster functions kinda like a very expensive flame thrower, even with fuel prices being what they are. Blast your foes with wads of cash and they’ll be too busy collecting the crips bills you launch at them to fight back. Once you have played at least 2 heists in the event and given the Piggy a total of 10 Piggy Bucks bags, the Cash Blaster will once again be available for use.

XP Boost

Along with the Cash Blaster, we’ve enabled an XP boost. Simply play the game and you’ll see increased rewards from pretty much anything. We did just add a new way to go infamous, so maybe now is the time?

Oink! Oink! Keep them bags coming!
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Update 225 Changelog

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