augustus 18 2022 - 5:12 pm

The PAYDAY 2 Discord server is now available in French!

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Hello Heisters.

While the 9th Anniversary celebrations are still going strong thanks to the extended event, we have one more thing we’d like to share with you. Our community is one of the strongest out there, and it’s also incredibly diverse. This means that while a lot of you speak English, there’s also quite a lot (maybe even more) who don’t. Because of this, we’ve decided to launch a second PAYDAY 2 Discord server, specifically aimed towards our French speaking heisters out there.

If you speak French and want to hang out with your fellow French speaking heisters, then make sure to join the French PAYDAY 2 Discord server[] today!

And for everyone else, I’m sure you’re all asking “But what about [insert other language here]?”. As of now, we’re trying this out with the French community only. If this server ends up being successful, we’ll look at expanding it for other popular languages as well. So keep an eye out for that. And keep those helmets flying!

Much love,

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