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PAYDAY 2: Chinatown Music Pack out now!

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Hello Heisters!

Another month, another PAYDAY update. This time though there isn’t an actual update, but instead a juicy collection of music for… your ears to eat? Your listening pleasure? Your oratory enjoyment? One of the latter two for sure, we want you to enjoy the music is what we’re trying to say.
This time, we listened to your feedback from the last Music Pack and set it up properly in Steam as a Music DLC. That means you can choose whether or not to download it by going to your soundtrack menu in Steam and manually selecting the Chinatown Music Pack.

Beyond that, we sincerely hope you have a wonderful summer and enjoy all the wonderful things that come with it. For those of you who live in the southern hemisphere, shoutout to you too!

Chinatown Music Pack

The Chinatown Music Pack picks up where we left off last time and includes a number of great songs from the City of Gold, Texas Heat campaigns and beyond. So relax, put on your headphones and enjoy the sounds of PAYDAY. Any additional music from the last Texas Heat heist will be added to this collection as it’s released.
The full list of songs included is as follows:

  • Gold Rush (Dragon Heist – City of Gold)
  • Dark Light Strike (Ukrainian Prisoner Heist – City of Gold)
  • Payback Roulette (Black Cat Heist – City of Gold)
  • Showdown Inferno (Mountain Master – City of Gold)
  • City of Gold
  • Trailblazers (Midland Ranch Heist – Texas Heat)
  • Trainwreck (Lost In Transit Heist – Texas Heat)
  • Backlash Ink (Hostile Takeover Heist – Texas Heat)
  • Sly Gloves (Christmas 2019)
  • Blast Our Way Out (Christmas 2019)
  • Propulsive Force (Christmas 2019)
  • PAYDAY Royale (April Fools 2019)
  • Heist song for Crude Awakening Heist – will be added to the Chinatown Music Pack DLC in early July.
  • Texas Heat Campaign Song – will be added to the Chinatown Music Pack DLC in early July.

Crude Awakening Bundle

Having launched in February with the Lawless Tailor Pack, the Crude Awakening bundle marches on. The way these bundles work is we bundle up 4 DLCs at a lowered price, giving you – our most dedicated heisters a discount for picking up the bundle early.

The bundle will contain 4 DLCs including the already released Lawless Tailor Pack and McShay Weapon Pack 4. This Music Pack marks the third piece of the bundle, leaving the heist to complete the bundle.

As mentioned in this update, this bundle is not available to Linux users. The individual DLC will be available, but the bundle will not due to the fact we are not certain whether or not it will function properly for Linux.

Weekly Stream

For those of you that haven’t yet tuned in, we’re live on Twitch and YouTube (almost) every Tuesday and Thursday. Feel free to stop by!

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