29 ноября 2023 - 5:20 пп

PAYDAY 2: Note for update 240.3

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Hello Heisters,

Today’s update deals with a number of bugs and quality of life updates. Among the more noticeable is a change in how the game handles any damage over time effects.

The thing we really wanted to bring up in this message however, is that we’ve also bundled a lot of our licensed content in the game into one DLC. We did this in order to ensure you’ll always keep access to the content regardless of any future changes.
We’ll make sure to announce ahead of time when/if anything changes, we didn’t want you to worry when you spotted the DLC.

This also means we’ve moved around a few of the requirements of some achievements, again, this won’t affect those who already have them.

Check out the patch notes for today’s update here.

Edit: To be clear, won’t necessarily see this DLC in any list on Steam. It’ll be in the background and appear on Steam data basing websites.


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