Agosto 9 2023 - 3:00 pm

PAYDAY 3 Dev Diaries

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Hello heisters!

While we are sure a lot of you have seen them already, we want to give some spotlight for our PAYDAY 3 Dev Diaries series on YouTube. We’ve already released 5 episodes, covering topics like platforms, combat, art & animation, and we’ll have several more topics to go through before the game releases on the 21st of September.

If you haven’t already, make sure to visit our PAYDAY 3 Dev Diaries playlist on YouTube and click Save Playlist, to keep track of when we add new episodes!

Episode 1 – It’s PAYDAY

Get your first in-depth look into PAYDAY 3 and meet with some of the talented people who are responsible for bringing it into the world. In the first episode we cover some basic information about who from the Payday Gang is returning and take a look at our new setting – New York City!

Episode 2 – Platforms

In this episode we finally go a bit further into detail on a much anticipated topic. Consoles, parity and cross platform functionality!

Episode 3 – Combat

This week we look at combat and weapons, the PAYDAY 3 weapon modding and everything around it.

Episode 4 – Art & Animation

In this developer diary we’ll be taking a look at how we bring out the atmosphere of the new home for our heisters, New York City. Join us as we speak about how we bring together art, story and music to bring New York City to life.

Episode 5 – Heists

In the fifth episode, we take a look at what makes our heists special. We’ll discuss how we go about designing and creating the heists and how they’ll differ between PAYDAY 2 and PAYDAY 3.

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