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Operation Medic Bag: Blog Update #9 – Quickplay & Merging

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Hello Heisters!

This week we want to share our thoughts on two features slated for release in the next update, Quickplay and Player Merging.

Quickplay will let players… quickly join a heist. That’s pretty much it. In this, the first iteration of the feature, we will simply aim to get players into any ongoing heist. You’ll be able to set the difficulty you’d prefer, then be put in a lobby that’s either underway or you’ll join an open lobby.

Now, this version is a nice easy-to-use system that does the job. The thing we want from the feature is to get people into the kind of game they want to play with the press of a button.

In PAYDAY 2, you accomplished that in two ways: either sit around Crime.Net until something strikes your fancy, or use the Quickplay menu with filters that was added to the game later on.

Screenshot from the current PAYDAY 2 version of Quickplay

We know we want to create an updated Quickplay, a v2, by building on the groundwork that we have for this update. What that will look like is still being discussed, and we’re open to suggestions. Currently, we’re at the crossroads of either creating a standalone Quickplay v2 with filters, or somehow baking it into the Crime.Net-style server browser coming later in the year.

The second option is more elegant to some, using existing systems means less for players to get to know and memorize. Finding a fitting way to blend the two elements can be a challenge however, and we’re very interested in what you expect and want from a quickplay feature, please make sure to let us know!

The second notable improvement coming in the next update is Player Merging.

To continue focusing on heisting together, this feature will let you stay in a party with the heisters you just finished a heist with. The goal is to help players find like-minded heisters with whom to commit even more crimes. Hope you like it!

That’s it, a short blog post this week, but we wanted to find an opportunity to mention Quickplay and get your thoughts on how we should build on it when moving forward.

Join us again next week when we’ll bring up the new loud modifiers coming to PAYDAY 3, the active follower of the blog may have noticed that it was what was supposed to be the topic of this week’s blog, but we felt that it was far too important to make sure quickplay and the crew merging features were given a spotlight of their own so that we could get your thoughts on it.

We’ll resume the previously planned Loud Modifiers and the discussion of difficulty in regards PAYDAY 3 next week, and also look forward to a new Dev Update video on Tuesday.

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