novembro 4 2011 - 6:00 pm

Patch 2 Changelog

+ + + + +
  • Problems with BF3 drivers setting render frames to 3 instead of 1 on Nvidia cards (causing mouse lag, stuttering in your other games) fixed and set back to 1
  • New patch system to keep patches at 10–20 MB max. (sorry this is what took time and lots of testing)
  • Re-enable voice chat (down while testing Push to talk)
  • Push to talk – now on mappable key – default is ON
  • Key mapping fixes and prompts
  • Crouch toggle option
  • Text chat in End screen of Heist
  • Laptop over heating fixed
  • Reduced Internet traffic for less desync issues (will still be some for high ping clients)
  • Added Steam server filter on range (close, far, worldwide)
  • Addressed a bug that disabled mouse in the ESC menu while in lobby
  • More frame rate for low end systems (laptops and 4-5 year old desktop computers)
  • Steam Community message in the load screen
  • Single Player Pause (looping sounds loop though, but hey you got it)
  • Alienware command center fix (Fix black screen at start up)
  • Fix for random crash in game
  • Mute individual player in options
  • Mouse smoothing is removed and direct mouse input is in for faster response on low end computers
  • Bank AI is fixed with all special team animations now functional (amongst them the stoppage of team AI at the C4 wall is gone)
  • Made Team AI more aggressive and agile
  • V-sync Auto (on/off next patch)

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