PAYDAY 2 - 10th Anniversary

To celebrate 10 years of PAYDAY 2, we've put together a very special event to help mark the occasion.

Joined again by our porcine friend, the golden piggy, we give all heisters the chance to work together and unlock fabulous rewards for the entire community. The piggy has learned a few new tricks however, and will now reward your hard work with powerful buffs for each stage the piggy grows.

But beware, the powerful piggydozer is jealous of all the attention being thrown at his golden cousin, and will try to wipe your crew out unless you work together to defeat him!

To take part in the event, make sure you have Telemetry enabled in PAYDAY 2 so that your progress is counted!

#1: 3,000,000
#2: 6,000,000
#3: 9,000,000
#4: 12,000,000
#5: 15,000,000
#6: 18,000,000


First Milestone
3 Million
Bayonet* * Event Exclusive Items

Criminal Mind Focus Mask
Second Milestone
6 Million
Gangster's Paradise
Tiger Claw Gloves
Criminal Mind Rage Mask
Third Milestone
9 Million
Piggy Hammer* * Event Exclusive Item
Criminal Mind Deceit Mask
Fourth Milestone
12 Million
Kitsugi Crew Mask
Tiger's Dream Gloves
Criminal Mind Cunning Mask
Fifth Milestone
15 Million
Teddy Moo Mask
Dragon Bomber
Deagle Conversion Kit
Sixth Milestone
18 Million
Piggy Mask
Tactical Camo
G17 Conversion Kit
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