The Heist

Having successfully rescued Vlad from the clutches of the Golden Dagger Triad, the Payday Gang sets their sights on payback.

Headed out to sea, the Payday Gang aims to hit two birds with one stone, incapacitating one of the Triad’s best money-makers and making a considerable dent in their stored riches.

The Black Cat Heist DLC contains The Black Cat Heist, completable in both Stealth and Loud.

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Mega City Tailor Pack

Jiu Feng has provided the Payday Gang with another shipment of outfits from mainland China. Inspired by animals associated with Chinese martial arts styles, the masks are sure to strike fear into the hearts of your opponents.

To go with your fierce new masks, Jiu Feng also provides two new suits in a total of 8 variants.


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Robo Mantis
Electro Tiger
Cyber Monkey
Viper Cyberjack
Padded Mantis
Padded Monkey
Padded Tiger
Padded Viper

Free Content

Alongside the Black Cat Heist DLC and the Mega City Tailor Pack DLC, we’re releasing a free update for all owners of PAYDAY 2.

Free Outfit - Dragon Bomber Red