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Day One

Gunbarrel, Nevada ain't big. It ain't big enough for a lawbreaker. It sure ain't big enough for four of 'em. And Sheriff Cloaker aims to keep it that way. If a lawbreaker comes to town, the Sheriff takes 'em out. Wild West style.

It's high noon. Sheriff Cloaker is ready. The lawbreaker is ready.... Draw!

Available April 30

Day Two

Gather 'round, good folks. Step up to my Wagon of Wondrous Wares!

Forget dem snake-oil elixirs. I offer the only thing that promises a long life of riches - fine iron at your side! Yes, sirree! You enjoy a long life of wealth by shortening that of the damn varmint shootin' at ya. And then yer steal his gold!

So gather 'round, an' grab this special offer – a war-chest of the finest fast-shootin', rootin'-tootin', money-makin', face-breakin' weapons that made the West so wild. Shooters! Dynamite! Blades!


The Repeater Rifle

Need to shoot the head off a dirty ol' rattlesnake at 100 yards? Then you, good sir, need a Repeater 1874. This lever-actioned rifle became an icon of the Old West, due to its accuracy and reliability.


The Plainsrider Bow

Iron firearms may have ultimately won the West, but the osage flatbow was dominant for over a thousand years. A tool for hunters and warriors, the flatbow was the true weapon of the West.

The Plainsrider Bow

Peacemaker 45

The Pistol that Won the Old West

The Pistol That Won The Old West. Cheap as a sack of corn, with ammunition available at any trading post, the Peacemaker .45 was the outlaws' weapon. Being the gun that killed Harlan "Big H" Leinard helped its notoriety.

The Pistol that Won the Old West


Swedish engineer, Alfred Nobel, discovered dynamite and its effectiveness in blasting rock. But it was drunk prospector, Ol' Kenneth, who discovered its effectiveness in blasting people. Poor Ol' Kenneth.

How to get new mods - For starters, everyone who buys the Butcher’s WESTERN Pack will get one of each weapon modification for each new weapon to start with. If you want more, you need to complete daily or weekly side jobs to unlock more of these wicked weapon modifications. For all you lawbreakers out there, the weapon modifications are also 
available in the normal loot drop.

Weapons Examples

Melee Weapons


For the victor, it is the symbol of war, of power and of dominance. For the loser, it is the symbol of a really bad haircut.

Gold Fever

There's gold in 'dem 'der hills! And by hills we mean teeth. But, hills or teeth, nothing digs the gold out faster than a swinging spike of pig iron.

Arkansas Tooth Picker

Nine inches of clip-point fighting steel. It's origins lie in the age of the classic pirate, but it was the famous Brawl of Carroll County (and a dozen bloodied men) that brought it wide-spread fame.

You're Mine

It may have been designed to mark the thick hides of cattle for identification, but fire-heated iron is even more effective against the soft flesh of a deputy or marshall.

Day Three - Masks and More!

Wild West Classic

The wide-brimmed hat, the steely gaze and the scarf pulled up over the mouth. A combination so iconic, so classic and so effective that it remains the staple for gangsters and heisters everywhere.

Desert Skull

When staggering through desolate barrancas, with only thoughts for company, the last thing you want to see is the parched bones of those who went before you. Suddenly those thoughts are screams.

Apache Mystic

The West that the white men entered was a land of mystery. A land populated with civilizations of warriors, who marked themselves, their lands and their mythologies with these sacred carvings.

Lone Heister

Whether you're a murderous desperado or a lone, brooding ranger, sometimes you need to hide your identity. What does that better than a slender black eye-mask, covering a third of your face?


The Nobel Prize

Kill 3 enemies with single blast of thrown dynamite.


Pick up 100 arrows.

Fastest Gun in the West

Kill 6 enemies in 6 seconds while hip-firing the Peacemaker.


Get 10 or more arrows stuck into a bulldozer.