After a successful partnership helping Gemma McShay to take out her rivals at Midland Ranch, we have the chance to team up once again.

Our so far lucrative partnership has taken us southbound to Texas where we’ve gotten our hands on new gear, new revenue streams and new enemies.

While y'all still in Texas, Gemma offers a new opportunity to team up and when have we ever turned down a good deal?

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The bundle contains the following DLCs


  • Road Rage
    • Reckless
    • Screw Loose
    • Arsonist
    • Royal Pain
  • Hell on Wheels
    • Route 66
    • Bad to the Bone
    • Black Magic
    • Fast Lane

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  • Chrome and Crossbones
  • Red Handed

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  • Way of the Texan
  • Funny Guy
  • Speed Freak
  • Chrome Dome
  • Daredevil
  • The Reaper

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The McShay Weapon Pack 2 contains a revolver and a shotgun, both available in akimbo. And a brand new prototype weapon.

The Hailstorm Mk 5, with its 15 barrels it’s crazy enough as it is, but add in that you can fire all 15 barrels all at once and this prototype weapon is in a league of its own.

The VD-12 Shotgun, available with drum magazines and in akimbo, for when you want to send an absolute wall of pellets down range.

The Kahn .357 Revolver, available both solo and in akimbo, the 8-shot drum holds enough rounds to make your enemies regret crossing you.

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[Wallpaper] [No Logo]

Amongst the other valuables being transported by train. Gemma McShay got word of printing plates being transported from Fort Worth; our job is to find and liberate those plates before making it out.

You can complete this heist in either stealth or loud.

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Music Pack

The Music Pack Contains:

  • 14 Music Tracks (Playable in your favorite music player)
  • The Pistolera Muerto Suit
  • The Pallbearer Gloves
  • The Telaraña Mask
  • The Heist in Peace Weapon Color
  • 2 Weapon Charms

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