Welcome to Crimefest

The fourth birthday of PAYDAY is fast approaching and with it, the PAYDAY gang once more set out on an epic adventure. This time, Bain provided them with details on what will lead them to uncovering more about Cagliostro, the legendary treasure hunter and heister of old myth.

Curious as to what they might find, the PAYDAY gang agreed to help Bain explore the dungeon he had located. Not knowing what challenges stood before them, onwards all of them still went. On the Road to Crimefest, who knows what treasures they might find in the deep, dark depths of the dungeon?

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Chains Unlocks

We're all Bonnie here!

It's great to have a full mag loaded in your gun, but what's loaded in your playlist? Time to ramp it up.

Goal Reached: Kill One Million enemies with the whisky bottle during the Road to Crimefest event.

Get the Fuck Down!


Goal Reached: Zip-tie 300,000 civilians during the Road to Crimefest event.

Get to cooking!

Bullets for everyone!

Goal Reached: Complete heists where you manufacture illegal drugs 70,000 times during the Road to Crimefest event.

Unbox Day!

Beep. Beep. Beep.

Goal Reached: Complete 50,000 heists with a vault during the Road to Crimefest event.


PAYDAY gang wins!

Goal Reached: Complete 20,000 GO Bank heists while using the CAR-4 Rifle or the AK Rifle during the Road to Crimefest event.

I Am A Stone, I Do Not Move

Winter in Donetsk? Very cold. Take this.

Goal Reached: Complete 2,500 Watchdogs heists with your personal accuracy above 70% during the Road to Crimefest

Last Drop

End of the road...

Goal Reached: Get 5,000,000 Card Loot Drops during the Road to Crimefest.
Clover Unlocks


"After the excitement of finding Cagliostro's dungeon, I couldn't sleep. Spent an hour upgrading Crime.Net."

Goal Reached: Kill 2,000,000 cloakers during the Road to Crimefest event.

Grind Fest

Every enterprise needs a solid foundation. Unleashing 700 rounds-per-minute is an enterprise, right?

Goal Reached: Earn 100,000,000,000 experience during the Road to Crimefest event.

A Hundred Different Ways!

Improve the cops' view with a taste of Ukrainian riot control.

Goal Reached: Eliminate the rat on the Hoxton's Revenge heist 40,000 times during the Road to Crimefest event.

Dark Arts

Much majestic, such hidden, very wow

Goal Reached: Complete the Framing Frame heist 30,000 times during the Road to Crimefest event.

Bearded Wisdom

Who will you be today?

Goal Reached: Help Vlad's brother in law escape 20,000 times on White Xmas during the Road to Crimefest event.

An Offer They Can't Refuse

And the winner in the category of Best Heisting Badasses goes to....

Goal Reached: Convert 80,000 law enforcers to fight on your side using the Joker Skill during the Road to Crimefest.
Dallas Unlocks

Hair Fallout

You're not strangers to the news cameras. So when you're the 6pm criminal superstar, make sure you move with grace and elan.

Goal Reached: Steal the warheads for Vlad in the Meltdown heist 100,000 times during the Road to Crimefest event.

Let's Do This

Twinkle, twinkle, little tsar.

Goal Reached: Kill 70,000 Bulldozers with submachine guns during the Road to Crimefest event.

PAYDAY, All Day, Every Day

Ugly is as ugly does.

Goal Reached: Earn $3,000,000,000,000 during the Road to Crimefest event.

Crime.net Overload!

YARRRR! 24 hours of piracy for all!

Goal Reached: Reach a peak of 30,000 players playing PAYDAY 2 online at the same time during the Road to Crimefest event.

Winters Came and Went

It's dangerous out there. Wear this.

Goal Reached: Defeat Captain Winters' squadmembers 150,000 times during the Road to Crimefest event.


It's perfect!

Goal Reached: Kill 250,000 Shields with shotguns during the Road to Crimefest event.
Houston Unlocks


1 bullet in 500 has to hit.

Goal Reached: Help Hoxton break into the FBI and steal the server 120,000 of times during the Road to Crimefest event.

Self Defense, I swear!

This one will make you feel like your heart is bursting from your chest.

Goal Reached: Kill 15,000,000 enemies during the Road to Crimefest event.

Jacket Up!

You been sniffing Vlad's warheads? You look like a mutant.

Goal Reached: Kill 1,000,000 gangsters with any baseball bat during the Road to Crimefest event.

Don't Tase Me Bro

Smile for the camera! So pretty.

Goal Reached: Kill 4,000,000 Tasers during the Road to Crimefest event.

I looked, and behold, a white horse.

Those of you who died, we salute you.

Goal Reached: Complete 250,000 heists on the Death Wish difficulty during the Road to Crimefest event.

OVERKILL Salutes You!

"I got Vlad on the line..."

Goal Reached: Complete 20 Crimefest challenges during the Road to Crimefest event.
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Community Challenge
Due to a calculation error this statistic was shown incorrectly, this challenge is completed!
Challenge Not Yet Unlocked New challenges unlock every 48 hours!
What is the Road to Crimefest?

The Road to Crimefest is an event leading up to Crimefest. During the Road to Crimefest, the community receives challenges from OVERKILL to complete together. Completed challenges are exchanged for free content and new features being added to PAYDAY 2 during Crimefest.

Go into a bit more detail - how does this community event work?

For 17 days, between the 28th of September to the 14th of October, four challenges will be offered every 48 hours. When 48 hours have passed, new challenges will appear. When a challenge is completed, the community will receive a hint to what the final reward is. The reward is then released during a separate event called Crimefest, between 15-24 October.

What is Crimefest?

Crimefest is a 10 day long annual event that we host for our PAYDAY community to celebrate everything PAYDAY. The event coincides with the original release of PAYDAY: The Heist, the first game in the PAYDAY series.


Every feature that is unlocked during Crimefest is released for free for the entire community of PAYDAY 2.

When are the unlocked rewards released?

During Crimefest. This year, we have worked around the clock making sure we can bring you all features unlocked during Crimefest itself.

How is challenge progress tracked?

Where possible, challenges are tracked through Steam. Progress will also be automatically updated on this webpage where possible every 30 minutes. Once a challenge has been completed, we will manually update the page to show the reward!

What happens if the community fails a challenge during the Road to Crimefest?

The reward connected to the challenge is not released.

How long is the Road to Crimefest event?

17 days, between the 28th of September to the 14th of October.

How long is the Crimefest event?

10 days, between the 15-24 of October.

What platforms can participate in challenges related to in-game statistics?

We can only track in-game statistics on the PC version of the game.

Will the content that is unlocked come to PAYDAY 2: Crimewave Edition on consoles?

Our ambition is to add everything that we can to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One version of the game respectively. However, please understand that we are testing and adding content to the platforms in a chronological order. Because of this, it is too early to confirm that any of the features unlocked will be definitely added to consoles. When we are able to confirm that the features will be added to consoles, we will share the news with the community.

Will there be a physical event or a Crimefest party like last year?

No. This year we decided to focus on the digital aspect of Crimefest, making sure that we release all unlocked content during the Crimefest event itself.

What happened to the Twitter challenges and their progress?

We replaced the Twitter challenges with more in-game challenges.
The completed percentage of the Twitter challenge progress is added to the progress of the in-game challenge.

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