"Border Crossing"

While the Payday Gang is preparing to hit Hell’s Island, they find out that their old enemies Murkywater and the Dentist are in the process of moving large amounts of money and illicit merchandise from the US to Mexico, using a secret tunnel across the border. The gang decides to divide their forces as they formulate a plan to strike at this border operation.

Border Crossing is playable in both stealth and loud mode and also allows players to customize their tactics further through pre-planning options. The action takes place in two separate locations, on both sides of the US/Mexico border.

Weapon Mods

"Cartel Optics Mod Pack"

The Mexican crime cartels are well connected and have access to the very best weapons technology that money can buy. As the Payday Gang travels to Mexico, they have an opportunity to pick up a range of advanced sights and other mods.The Cartel Optics Mod Pack DLC includes 10 new weapon mods, with a focus on optics and sights.

Mods included:
3 sights-
2 pistol sights-
2 optics gadgets-
1 grip-
1 compensator-
1 muzzle brake-

The New
Outfits System

Tailor Pack 1

Meet the "Tailors"

With the PAYDAY 2: Silk Road free update, a new outfits system is introduced in PAYDAY 2, allowing you to equip your heisters with cool new threads. Several unlockable outfits are included for free with the update.

Payday 2 is getting its first Tailor Pack to celebrate the new outfits system in the game. Tailor Pack 1 adds 4 new thematic suits with 5 color variations for each one - for a total of 20 new outfits!

The Casual Formal

The suit a heister wears occasionally needs to provide a modicum of formal respect, while still being casual and workmanlike. This combination of denim lower and more strict upper takes the best of both worlds and combines them.

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The Showman

Distraction can be the heister's best tool, and the right outfit can accomplish just that, making the enemy wonder what the hell is going on. "Is the circus in town? What kind of clown carries a gun?"
With that in mind, there's no reason you can't do it with a little style and colorful flair. Hence this rather spiffy setup: it'll make you feel like the prince of crime.

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The Sunny Rico

Protection is, of course, just as much about going unnoticed as it is stopping bullets. The roomy folds of 1980s style suits offer ample concealment for weapons, and the variety of fabrics means you can adjust to the weather as needed.

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The Classic

Certain career-making heists demand a lot extra from the gear you bring to the job. Mobility and durability can be the things that keep a heister from landing in handcuffs and this outfit was made to stop that from happening. A one-piece base, with a reinforced utility vest, it lets the wearer tackle a variety of terrain and movement while supplying ample carrying aids.

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PAYDAY 2 is back with three new DLCs and a major free update after almost a year’s silence. The Payday Gang is getting new threads and new weapon mods, as they travel to the US-Mexico border for a heist.

Content overview.

Outfits system
A new cosmetic Outfits system is introduced in PAYDAY 2 with this DLC. In addition to selecting a mask of their choice, players can now also select an Outfit from a selection in their inventory. Outfits are clothes that the character wears below the neck and are selected in the same screen as armor.

Improved UI
The general UI and menus have been given an overhaul and streamlined to make things more efficient and easier to navigate. This also, of course, includes added elements for managing the new outfits system.

In addition to the outfits system itself, the following outfits are made available in the Silk Road update:

Silk Road update (free) outfits:
Tactical BDU
Winter Camo Parka
Murkywater Uniform

Tailor Pack 1 DLC
Tailor Pack 1 DLC outfits (each of these has 5 color variations, for a total of 20 outfits):
The Showman
The Casual Formal
The Sunny Rico
The Classic

Cartel Optics Mod Pack DLC
The Cartel Optics Mod Pack DLC includes 10 new weapon mods to help you customize and improve the performance of your weapons in combat. The central theme for this mod pack is optics and sights.

Mods included:
3 sights
2 pistol sights
2 optics gadgets
1 grip
1 muzzle brake
1 compensator

Border Crossing Heist DLC
The Payday Gang’s enemies, Murkywater and the Dentist, are moving money and illicit merchandise from the US to Mexico through a tunnel across the border. The Gang gets wind of this and formulates a plan. While some Payday Gang members are off rescuing Bain, others will travel to Arizona to hit Murkywater and the Dentist.