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Celerity X9 Magazine
Rake Ultra Grip
Bounce Slate RX Stock


Sleek and cleverly made, the Wasp-DS is the final frontier in hidden SMG’s. Able to fold in on itself it’s easy to conceal and quick to draw.

Try-core Compensator
ShellSwitch M8 Ammo Cache
Flak Frame Null Stop

Argos III Shotgun

The imposing Argos III Shotgun, so modern-looking it almost looks Sci-fi. In addition to its dashing good looks, this secondary shotgun lets you reload two shells at a time.

Pinnacle Barrel
Stack S3 Magazine

Gecko M2 Pistol

The Gecko M2 Pistol, custom built for silence. A great choice in Akimbo for the loud heister with an impeccable sense of style, or as a secondary for the silent heister hoping to go unnoticed.

Weapon Colors

Aside from the new weapons, Jiu Feng also brings with him 4 new weapon colors with which to customize your new weaponry.

Get the Weapon Pack

Exclusive Weapon Sets

This is something new for the weapon enthusiast heister, we’ve put together two exclusive weapon sets. These are pre-set conversion kits for weapons you already have access to that changes their looks and provides a small boost in stats. The exclusive weapon sets are available for free with today’s update.

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Free Update

PAYDAY 10th AnniversaryThe Winners

In this update, we’re also thrilled to announce the winners of the suit-creation contest we held last holiday. In the end, we ended up choosing more winners than we initially said we would, we just couldn’t decide, and it’s our contest damn-it!

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Free Mods

To sweeten the deal, Jiu Feng has included two free weapon mods, a new Russian made laser sight and a suppressor by the same brand.