Day 1: The Diamond

You’ve heard the legend of the Diamond. A meteorite that was found by Genghis Khan. Carried at the head of his armies. Owned by murderous Kings, and tragic Queens. It may sound like a campfire ghost-story. Curses, legends… Madness, death. It’s almost certain its story has been embellished over the years to sell more museum tickets. But there’s nothing fanciful about the Diamond itself. It’s a cold, hard 505 carat lump of pure $$$.

We’re doing this one for The Dentist. God knows where that icy fucker is going to move it. Our part, the actually-breaking-in-and-getting-it part, is going to be tough enough.

In fact….

Maybe this one requires a finer touch. A bit of delicate finesse. A woman’s touch, you might say…

The Diamond Heist

Clover Character Pack

Day 2: Luck of the Irish

Meet Clover. Born and raised on a housing estate in Northside, Dublin. Hoxton, you have history with her. Why don’t you tell the story…

“She was just a day off the Holyhead ferry when I met her. Already calling herself Clover. The little toe-rag tried to pull the Pigeon Drop on me. Haha! Well, of course, I picked up on that shit right away. But I saw something in her. This cocky bird had some balls, y’know. So I thought, rather than clip her wings, I’d help her fly. Taught her what I knew, like. Proper Fagin to her.

Anyway, long story short, we grifted across the UK, pulled a bunch of heists, and then the little shit ran out on me with a lorry load of Territorial Army L-95’s. Could’ve killed the little fucker! But then…Y’know, I thought, she’s gonna do alright. As she drove that lorry away, waving two fingers at me, I was proud of her… In a way. Haha… Good times.”

Clover’s Items

With Clover joining the PAYDAY gang, she brings a couple of trinkets with her that she just couldn’t part with. She comes with her very own mask, rifle and melee weapon. Click the headlines below to learn more.

Clover’s mask represents what Clover both fears and hates most of all – wearing a mask as your normal face. The surgically-shrunken nose, the botox’d lips and the expression of all-consuming vanity and self-obsession – all are symbols of fear and weakness, twisted into a horrifying parody.

Clover grew up in a rough house in a rough part of town. Her ancestors were fighters in every generation, and she is fiercely dedicated to her Irish heritage. She wears the clovers for luck, as well as a way to say “I’m Irish, and I’m proud”.

Queen’s Wrath
Clover and Hoxton hijacked a lorry delivering L-95 assault rifles to a Territorial Army depot outside Aldershot, England. Clover drove off with the entire shipment, while leaving her mentor to fight his way out. Hox didn’t really mind – he had taught her well.

This rifle is the last one from that batch. It is powerful, robust and easy to maintain. Clover sold the shipment to Libyan rebels but kept the Wrath – to remind herself of that last job, and her first teacher.

Clover´s Shillelagh
It’s hard to determine the true origins of the shillelagh. How can you pinpoint the first time someone picked up a stout stick and brained someone else with it? And the shillelagh really hasn’t evolved too much beyond that. Some prize blackthorn wood, while some might fill the head with molten lead. Others might bind it with leather straps, or cure it with animal fat. But, at the end of the day, it really is just a bloody heavy stick that cracks skulls.

The natural dexterity of the burglar has benefits beyond merely breaking and entering. Being nimble allows the burglar to pick locks, bag bodies and answer pagers faster. They are also harder to hit in combat. They stay alive by staying out of the way.

This physical conditioning also gives burglars a high tolerance to pain, and they are able to shrug off wounds quickly.

Day 3: Time to Shine

The McKendrick Museum lies just off the Washington Mall. Can’t miss the place. Even amongst all those other museums, the McKendrick stands apart. Florentine Renaissance architecture, pink granite and white marble – it’s a fitting house for The Diamond.

We’re hitting just before it opens. You can expect some security outside, watch for that, but there’ll be plenty inside too. Guards, cameras and watch out for laser tripwires. Didn’t think they’d leave a multi million dollar diamond just lying around, did you?


Anubis, Medusa, The Cursed One and Pazuzu – four historical and mythical characters that are almost too frightening to behold. Use them at your own risk!

A hideous visage, snakes for hair, a petrifying gaze and a hate for men. Her gazing eyes still sends chills down spines… But this is just a mask, right?
The Egyptian jackal-headed god of the afterlife, Anubis sought to protect graves rather than fill them.
The Cursed One
His name is lost to legend. He might have been a King, or a mighty Sorceror. But even the great are undone by the Diamond.
Pazuzu was the king of the wind demons according to ancient Babylonian mythology. Legends also tell of him as a beastial behemoth fighting groups of adventurers in far away lands, and some even say he walked the earth as an immortal warrior in human form.

Patterns & Materials

Four new patterns as well as four new materials have been added to the game. Enjoy these new designs inspired by history and luxury materials of old.


We have pretty good knowledge of the layout of this place (it is a public building, after all), but the Dentist pulled some layouts of the less-public areas.

There’s a whole load of useful stuff to spend your favors on, but he’s also laying on some specialist equipment for this one. The museum is loaded with valuable loot, so a Glass Cutter will help you crack those displays without setting off the alarm. Don’t want to stroll through the front door – use Thermal Paste to burn through the barred windows.


7 achievements have been added to challenge you while you steal the Diamond together with your friends.


Are you tired of re-speccing every time  you want to switch from stealth to loud? Have you ever wanted to have multiple skill builds but never could afford the skill costs or bother remembering your favorite set-up? If so, this is your lucky day; introducing the Multi Skill Build feature.
Construct up to five Skill Builds – profiles of skills and perk decks. Need a Skill Set heavy on stealth for Framing Frame? Jumping between a Fugimind and a Techforcer set-up? No problem – create a Skill Build each, save it and you’re good to go. Going loud in Hotline? Easy. Switch back to a loud Skill Build. With a few clicks, you’re always ready to bring the best skills for any heist.

PAYDAY 2 Bundles

We’ve made a lot of content since PAYDAY 2 was released. As we look back on 2013/2014 we want to summarize all the content for any new heister who wants to join the crew. It’s easier than ever to sit down and play all the content PAYDAY 2 has to provide: just pick a bundle and get started. We’ve made the deals even more sweet by adding a natural discount to each bundle.

Each bundle comes with its unique mask; own all the heists? You get the heist mask. All weapons? The weapon mask. If you already bought these before, you get the masks automatically.

PAYDAY 2: Heist Bundle

The Heist Bundle brings all of our paid heist DLC together for the first time. Want a fast, loud payout? Then ambush high-paying armored trucks all across the city with Armored Transport. Or perhaps you fancy taking down the ruthless Russian mob-boss, the Commissar, in Hotline Miami? Or take on the biggest challenge yet, and roll downtown to crack the Benevolent Bank – or try stealing the Diamond from the McKendrick museum in The Diamond heist.

Bundle Mask – The Nun
A Catholic nun may not seem like the obvious choice for a terrifying mask, unless you know an actual Catholic nun. In which case, you’ll know any notions of gentle, grandmotherly penguins are without merit. These bitter crones are the personification of evil, dishing out thrashings to any young buttocks within reach.

PAYDAY 2: Weapon Bundle

Guns! Guns! Guns! You want ’em, and Gage has got ’em! Maybe he’s trying to clear stock, but he’s packaging ALL of his weapon DLC into a single mega-bundle. You like power at range? Well, this bundle comes with a variety of sniper rifles. Want power up close? Then the broad selection of shotguns is right here. Assault rifles, LMG’s, pistols – if Gage has it, it’s in here.

Bundle Mask – Robo-Arnold
Iconic, time-travelling cyborg star of the ‘Exterminator’ movie series. In the first movie, he was sent to kill the mother of the leader of the future rebellion before she can steal the chip left by her son who was also her father… In the past. Noted for his deadpan delivery of the catchphrase “Await my return”.


Score big and bring your game completely up-to-date with every DLC we have released in a single package. The GOTY bundle sees every weapon, every heist, the Heist Bundle/Weapon Bundle masks and every track of music – all bagged and bundled into a single, easy-to-secure package.

Bundle Mask – Arch Nemesis
Nemesis, as defined by the dictionary;
[ahrch nem-uh-seez]

1. Something that a person cannot conquer, achieve, etc.: “That Chinese buffet at lunch proved to be my arch-nemesis.”
2. An opponent whom a person cannot defeat.
3. In classical mythology. The goddess of divine retribution.
4. An agent or act of retribution or punishment.

As defined by Hoxton: “That fuckin’ dozer. He’s my arch-fucking-nemesis. ‘Orrible cunt!”