PAYDAY's 10th Anniversary 3D Gallery


A Payday™ version of the infamous scene from The dark knight rises


"All units, this is dispatch, we have an armored robbery in progress in, uhhh…, Go Bank."\n\


Old Hoxton Warhol Inspired\n\


This is the best art you will ever see in your enteire life i present dollas and mebicbac\n\


houtout to team ratibasacopecoralcoado (RBCCLU), and for more years of heists.\n\

GhostBill / Panqueques

It's Houston and Dallas, next to my original character (oc)\n\\


On a date with Dallas\n\

Jake Crossworth

The Ace Pilot, Bile\n\


What is a Dallas, without his Medic Bag?\n\


A Collaboration piece to show love from the Payday cosplay community.\n\\


Accurate Police Sketch of Payday Gang\n\

MattTheWolff / Okami

A cartoon-style artwork of me and my gamenight crew's PAYDAY2 loadouts. Inspired by artwork I found of the PAYDAY gang.\n\


A Relic that was made in the ages before we had good ol' Hoxton back, before the Dentist and the madness that followed!\n\

Spooky Black Bulldozer

Happy Birthday Payday.\n\


This is Wolf with a cake 10th anniversary and a knife. below there a bulldozer than he killed.\n\


Fanart of my favorite heisters, Houston, Sokol, and Wolf.\n\\


My Anarchist setup drawn in my style with some minimal post processing.\n\


Clok moment\n\


Silly doodle of Houston acting very sneanky peeky\n\

Sheogorath Wrynn

Hoxton and I are posing in front of an empty vault with Dallas taking a picture to commemorate the anniversary of the PayDay gang. With bags full of valuables and hearts full of greed, here's to more heist to come!\n\

Drip Dallas

Made this a few months ago in ms paint in an afternoon when i felt i wanted to feel like a kid again drawing fun stuff on ms paint.


Making a fan art of Sydney was not a hard decision, making an artwork celebrating 10 years of Payday with the heister that got me 1200+ (and counting) hours in the game was a really pleasant experience, I felt all the fun while robbing a casino with friends, all the frustration because of the ZEAL team and later the absolute mastery when I got good and finished every heist on DSOD, all the clumsiness from the first heist, all the pride when I became Infamy 25 (this was before Infamy 3.0). I can write here all day but I think you understand how important this game was and still is to me, I give all the love from my heart to the Overkill Software team and the Payday community, I can't even comprehend how grateful I am for the many many incredible moments you helped me to achieve.\n\nFrom a fellow heister, I salute you !\nantxn\

Kaya / Sandwich Deli


Feel Good.

Ready Heister One, a story of four heisters, pulling the greatest heist ever.\n\


This is the risk level info about a difficulty of a heist. In my fan art this is Overkill difficulty.\n\

Donnie Burger

I am terrible at drawing but wanted to enter.


Duke, his trusty pistol and his trustier hip flask\n\

Daddy Roger

Dallas running into the sunset cause he's happy of how old he is now.\n\


Skulldozer with a PP-Bizon\nart i made back then\n\


A quick doodle of one of my OCs in attire from a video game that I've enjoyed playing for roughly 7 years!\n\


This took me 20 minutes, Happy Birthday


Sometimes I play the game just to see them


Jojo is part of the California Payday Crew. She will be a character in Payday 4\n\


You're such a medic bag, I need it\n\


Hello heisters, Broxton here and today i give you a sneak pic of my next new DLC [ ;)Price 29.9 $]

GhostBill / Panqueques

Happy 10th Anniversary \n\\





Wolf in the air with a very golden spoon.\n\

Tonio Ravioli


I press on paper some times and shit happens\n\

BlackChan 黑小多

I'm BlackChan, a heister from Taiwan!\nthis art I used Illustrator tracing and Photoshop retouching it!\nThanks for (jie xin ri, this is mean "PAYDAY" in Mandarin), this is my favorite game!\nI also make some tutorial on Youtube, for every Mandarin player can enjoying their PAYDAY 2!\n\

sr. mr. hungry

A rendition of Wolf as... a wolf, one that walks on two legs. Running off to eagerly fix something, and/or torture someone.\n\


The famous four guys\n\


A Payday group photo\n\

Spliffy Jimmy

Just a handful of my favorite goofy heisters I scribbled from memory! Until I get better at drawing on a computer, no one's gettin' any suits or hands.\n\nBeen a fun ride, toodles!\n\


So this is a fanmade flag for the Golden Dagger triad, inspired by the City of Gold teaser\n\


celebrating with a hint of blood, or vodka, or both\n\


Me and the boys when there's no Medicbags :(\n\


Best Jacket\n\


Chains in the Clown Attire



it was supposed to be a Dwayne Rock Johnson with pancakes meme thing but whatever its better to not leave background empty\n\


Murphy Hampton

Please send a medic bag.



At San Martín Bank, I had a greatful unforgottable time with my payday friends :D \n\


This is a Recreation of a Better Call Saul Promo Image featuring Rust.\n\

Rabid Wolf

A celebration of 10 years of vault cracking!


Robbin' banks for 10 years! Here is to many more!\n\


Sydney's throwing a peace sign and running away with a gun :D\n\


This is a drawing i made of hoxton :) happy 10th birthday payday!!\n\


3 years of art classes to make this, and it looks like it was made by a toddler


A redraw of the BBQ pack's art, one of my favorite packs.\n\



The Heisters defending a safehouse from ZEAL

Cyber Owl

The main 4 guys! I love how all four of them look so I wanted to draw them! (Especially Hoxton)\n\


Was listening to the Buluc's mansion heist soundtrack which was Deadeye and I thought, hey, maybe I should try and draw Sangres, best idea I've ever had.\n\\


Hoxton is Downed!\n\

Metal Invitine

not really art but it's basically a compilation of every bruh moment i've experienced for the past year


Oh no the Payday gang is so excited that they can't see the dentist creeping up on them!\n\


This is a ONE of a kind art you have ever seen. I used my intelligent brain to make a good drawing of how PAYDAY2: Update 213.1 Changelog felt like playing. I want 1 ingame dollar in exchange for this art. :) pretty please.

Murphy Hampton

Payday 3 Dallas


Maverick Pino

Wolf fan art pencil and paste pencil\n\

Jolly Fellow

This fanart is based on a great payday artist whose name is Dering_last. I was inspired by the pose of the character to create my own and contribute to this great community.\n\

John Corndog


A little Fanart of the heisters a friend and I would regularly play as while we plundered!\n\\


i played PDTH yesterday and my whole crew got downed by a dozer, on the normal difficulty.\n\


"The fire has started but not by me." ~Dallas\n\nI love drawing my Oc Aussie the dragon with Dallas, I think they make an awesome duo!\n\\


payday 2 game fuel when??\n\


I drew my current loadout in Payday 2, Dragan wearing the Winter Suit from Alaskan Deal and a custom Mega Tormentor mask! Happy 10th anniversary Payday!\n\


Peydey gang vs cops. Made with wacom pen and so much love.\n\


Vanilla Ice


Houston is down!\n\\r0dx457




Houston, Duke, Jacket, and Sydney take a picture together to celebrate PAYDAY's 10th anniversary :)\n\

Detective Sadist

This is my collection of Payday masks (so far) that I've painted up!\n\\


Jus a small piece of Wolf C:


Hoxton joins Wolf in a pool of cash after heisting all day\n\

Flynn Zone

The black and red design of the Overkill Van from the Overkill DLC on the #2 Ford of Keselowski.\n\

Mr. Green

You'll need this.\n\

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