Weapon Skins: Get Started


Here are two examples of finished skins that you can create.



Take a look at the available weapons and choose one to create a skin for. For now, we are focusing on ranged weaponry, e.g. Rifles, Pistols etc. We are looking for skins for all rarities except Legendaries – Common, Uncommon, Rare and Epics.

Weapon Parts

Parts can be anything from a new sight to a suppressor. You can choose whatever weapons and mods you like when you create skins.

Example Files – Weapons

You’ll be able to download these Template Files that can be used for any weapon. Each part of the weapon can at most have one applied Base Gradient, Pattern, Pattern Gradient and/or Sticker – but they do not need to be the same. These files are your source files, and to help you understand the process and create skins you can use them however you see fit. To export your files and get them in the Skin Editor look at “Export to the Skin Editor”.

Each part can at most have one applied Base Gradient, Pattern, Pattern Gradient or Sticker – and they do not need to be the same.

  • Base Gradient
    • Controls all colors for each material and whether it should be “glossy”, “matte” etc.
  • Pattern
    • Patterns are applied to the weapon directly and can be used to create textures and complex patterns.
  • Pattern Gradient
    • Specifies what colors to be used in the Pattern.
  • Stickers
    • Stickers are images that are applied to a weapon where you are able to control what’s to be visible via the opacity.




Weapon Materials

The weapons are divided into six materials. These six materials are controlled by the Base Gradient. This is already set on each available weapon and cannot be modified. The materials named to Metal, Plastic, Wood/Rubber, Secondary Metal, Cloth and Detail.



Any Image Editor that handles RGB channels can be used – for example Photoshop, GIMP or Paintshop Pro, and of course you’ll need a copy of PAYDAY 2.