March 24 2016 - 9:06 pm

The PAYDAY 2 Hardcore Henry website and the Jimmy Character Pack is live!

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We’re live with the PAYDAY 2: Hardcore Henry Pack website as well as the free Jimmy Character Pack update!

Check out the website!:

PAYDAY 2: Hardcore Henry

Today we’re launching Jimmy – a new member of the PAYDAY gang and a character from the upcoming action movie Hardcore Henry. We’ve been working together with our friend Ilya Naishuller who is the director of Hardcore Henry. As soon as we heard him tell us what kind of movie he wanted to do we were in. Now when we got to see the final result in all its glory, we’re truly amazed. This is our coolest collaboration yet.


Jimmy Character Pack Spotlight Trailer

PAYDAY 2: Hardcore Henry Pack Trailer – Directed by Ilya Naishuller

Hardcore Henry Movie Trailer

The Hardcore Henry PAYDAY 2 collaboration comes with two free updates and today we’re introducing Jimmy, portrayed by the one and only Sharlto Copley. You might recognize him from movies such as District 9, Elysium, Chappie or The A-Team. Everyone in the OVERKILL crew are excited to see him join the PAYDAY gang robbing banks and getting paid. Sharlto not only lent us his beautiful appearance in-game, he also spent tons of hours with us recording thousands of voice lines for the Jimmy character in PAYDAY 2.

Make sure you give Sharlto a follow and tell him how excited you are to see him being a part of PAYDAY 2!

Free heists on March 31st

With the introduction of Jimmy from Hardcore Henry, we’re also introducing two new heists next Thursday. For the first time ever in PAYDAY 2, the PAYDAY gang are going to Russia. More information on what they’re doing in Russia and what the heists are about will be shared next week!


If you’re interested in checking out the movie, you can get a free copy of PAYDAY 2 if you go see the Hardcore Henry movie at select cinemas across the USA.

Update 96 changelog

Update size: 2.3 GB

Jimmy Character Pack
  • Added Jimmy as a playable character
  • Added the Heather Submachine Guns
  • Added the Ballistic Knives melee weapon
  • Added the Maniac Perk Deck
  • Added the Jimmy mask
  • Added the White Death mask

  • Fixed an issue where a lamp spawned inside an identical lamp unit on Day 1 of the Hotline Miami Job
  • Changed how the helicopter target areas work to give a slightly higher chance for the helicopter to fire missiles on the Hotline Miami Job
  • Slightly moved the security camera in the security room on the Golden Grin Casino Job
  • Slightly moved a wall so it does not clip with a door frame on the Golden Grin Casino Job
  • Fixed a texture issue in one of the rooms on the Mallcrasher Job
  • Fixed an issue that caused throwables to scale up when hitting a specific tree on the Transport: Downtown Job

  • Added John Wick’s glasses as an infamous mask to the loot drop
  • Fixed an issue that caused Sokol’s hair to clip through some masks in third person for clients that dropped in on a server
  • Fixed an issue that caused players not to sync armor and health correctly to drop-in clients
  • Possible fix for a rare crash on startup of the game related to steam statistics
  • Fixed an issue where side jobs was not updated correctly
  • Fixed an issue where the weapon preview could get rendered behind the steam inventory menu

  • Changed the name of the Tactical Foregrip on the M1014 Shotgun to be correctly named as Tactical Stock
  • Fixed an issue that caused the AMR-16 to have two barrels on top of each other
  • Fixed an issue that caused the muzzle flash on The Baby Deagle to not render in third person

  • Fixed an issue with the Team AI that caused them to answer twice when asked to follow a player

  • Changed how Swan song works when getting tazed, now the effect of swan song will still be active while getting tazed

Perk Decks
  • Fixed an issue with the gambler perk deck that gave too high health pickup bonus when playing with AI



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Via: Steam Community

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