1 huhtikuun 2017 - 5:27 pm

Ethan Character Pack

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Hello heisters!

As a bonus surprise to the upcoming Crime Spree event, we’ve decided to bolster our ranks once more with a promising new recruit with all the bells and whistles of a full character pack.

When the lawyers come calling and you can’t cough up the dough to appease them, you’ve got to turn to more unsavoury measures, particularly ones that aren’t beneath CrimeNet. Something that our new member of the gang understands all too well.

This character pack also introduces a new mechanic along with the character pack: Ricochet kills

Get it now for the low price of $4.20

Go sue the shit out of some coppers!

Update 135 changelog

Update size: 314.8Mb

  • Fixed an issue with ammo clipping when using the biggest ammo bag
  • Fixed so that the volume of heist track are equally loud
  • Added description to the controller layout in options
    Biker Heist

  • Fixed portal issues
    Diamond Store
  • Fixed portal issues on buildings
  • Updated texture for the driver’s body.
  • Fixed issue with missing driver in the escape van on garage and cafe escape
    Lab Rats
  • Fixed so that the recipe sync for drop in clients
  • Fixed an issue with the outline of the guards

Via: Steam Community

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