Celebrating 10 years for 10 days
Join us for the celebration of PAYDAY 2

We invite you, dear heister to the 10 year celebration of PAYDAY 2.
We can't fully express our gratitude and appreciation for all of you who helped us get to this point.
The fact that you've all been with us through all of our ups and downs means more to us than you could ever imagine.
This one's for you heisters!

10th Anniversary Livestream

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PAYDAY 2 2013
PAYDAY 2 2014
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PAYDAY 2 2015
PAYDAY 2 2016

Now on Spotify!

More of the great music created for PAYDAY 2 by composer Simon Viklund, is now on Spotify!


PAYDAY 2 2017

The Lost Tapes Discovered

What would need to happen for a retired criminal to return to a life of crime after they successfully and cleanly got out? What would happen if the victims of all those heists found one another, and decided they weren’t happy letting bygones be bygones?

The Lost Tapes are a collection of stories around just that topic. Who, what, when and how are the Payday Gang brought back to the heisting life?

By finding all Lost Tapes in PAYDAY 2 you can unlock a unique suit only available to those that seek the truths revealed in the tapes. If you’d rather just listen to the tapes however, click them on this page!

Watch Cloud Dasher on YouTube

Lost Tape 1: Cellmates Lost Tape 2: Bad for Business Lost Tape 3: Enemies of the State Lost Tape 4: Keeping up with the Garnets
PAYDAY 2 2018
PAYDAY 2 2019

Now on Spotify!

More of the great music created for PAYDAY 2 by composer Gustavo Coutinho, is now on Spotify!


Modding history & Importance

Mods have always played an important role in the success of PAYDAY 2. Before we even offered support for modding, the PAYDAY community has been hard at work creating new HUDs, balance reworks and visual replacements.

From the PDLG Fan Group providing the first ever Chinese language support - that we together with them then made part of the game, to our very own Almir replacing the shark in Buluc’s Mansion. Modding has provided players the flexibility and control to play PAYDAY 2 the way they want.

The community even made modding simpler, thanks to SuperBLT and BeardLib. Amazing tools entirely made by the community, for the community. Created to lower the barrier of entry for all, making modding more accessible.

ModWorkshop Donation

As a small show of our appreciation and gratitude, we’ve made a donation to ModWorkshop. Doing our small part in keeping modding for PAYDAY 2 around for the future.

We encourage anyone with the coins to spare to do the same, so we can enjoy modding in PAYDAY 2 for years to come.

PAYDAY 2 2020
PAYDAY 2 2021
PAYDAY 2 2022

Finally you can match in-game and out of game with the Dead Game outfit!

What message could better represent the PAYDAY 2 community than the one that's appeared in every announcement for the past 8 years?

PAYDAY 2 2023

Dear Heisters,

How do I even begin to express appreciation for something like the PAYDAY community?

These past 12 days have been filled with celebration around what makes PAYDAY 2 and our community so incredibly special. 10 years ago when we released the game we could not have dreamed about the type of response we would be getting from you all, and the amount of support you would show us over the years.
Over 200 updates later, here we are. What a remarkable journey it has been.

We're a co-op heisting FPS that's been near the top of the most played games list on Steam for the past 10 years! How amazing is that?

Just think of all the great games that have come out during that time. PAYDAY 2 has somehow always managed to stay relevant. It has been thanks to your support, your care and - let's face it - patience, that we have managed to outdo some incredible competition this past decade.

I especially think of our console heisters who have shown us grace even though we were unable to support your platforms fully. It truly speaks of the character you in the community have and continue to show every single day.

Through all these years you stayed with us through thick and thin, were patient with us when we tried new things, told it to us straight when we screwed up, and were always supportive and full of live for PAYDAY and us as a studio.

You have made us better developers, and I hope we have given you the opportunity to have a good time together. Let's face it - the real PAYDAY has been the friends we made along the way, playing online, watching twitch streams, YouTube videos, creating memes, being at PAYDAYCon and meeting up in real life. Some of you heisters even got married, or met friends that will last you a lifetime.

Thank you heisters,
for these incredible years gone by, the exciting years to come and for caring about PAYDAY the way you do.

I think I speak on behalf of the entire studio, present team members and past ones, when I say that
we could not have wished for a better community.

PAYDAY 3 is around the corner, and we cannot wait to start this new journey together with you.

From the bottom of our hearts - we salute you!

Keep those helmets flying,
Global Brand Director & Head of Community

Starbreeze Entertainment