Dragon Heist

The Payday Gang travels to Chinatown, San Francisco, to mount a daring heist against an operation run by the infamous Golden Dagger Triad.

The objective: to steal a priceless golden dragon statue.

The Payday Gang must approach through the streets of Chinatown and infiltrate the triad operation which is hidden behind a tea shop. Once inside, it’s about finding and extracting the statue, by any means necessary.

The heist is available in both stealth and loud, and has a variety of preplanning options to allow players to customize their approach.

Tea Shop
  Tailor Set

"Triad Casual"
Black Dragon Claws
Flame Grip
Red Dragon Claws
Burnout Champ
Laughing Dragon
Shouting Dragon


Along with the Dragon Pack, we are releasing a free update for all owners of PAYDAY 2. This free update includes a new system with range multipliers for weapon damage, as well as new cosmetics.

Free Outfit
  "Dragon Bomber"

Free Weapon Color
  "Crimson Gold Flower"

  Range Multiplier

We’re introducing a free weapon balance update that essentially gives each weapon an optimal range and thus opens up for more specialized weapon roles.

The idea has been to address the issue of different weapon categories not feeling different enough from each other. The new range-based damage multipliers mean that the range at which you use the weapon will affect the damage you deal. Every weapon will now have its own optimal range where they perform roughly like you’re used to from before this update. Some weapons will be more suitable for close range engagement, and others will be better at long range.