Weapons & Mods

The port of San Francisco brings in a wide variety of merchandise from Asia and elsewhere, and some of it is of the more shady kind. Through Joy (a San Francisco native), the Payday Gang has a new smuggler contact, a former triad member named Jiu Feng, presenting them with the option to purchase a range of new weapons, mods and weapon colors.

The Jiu Feng Smuggler Pack consists of a shotgun, a pistol and a submachine gun, as well as 9 weapon mods, and 20 weapon colors.

Weapons Included

  • Crosskill Chunky Compact
  • AK Gen 21 Tactical
  • Mosconi 12G Tactical

Mods Included

  • CE Extender
  • CE Rail Stabilizer
  • CE Muffler
  • BY90 Wide Suppressor
  • MG8 Precision Barrel
  • Bull Stock
  • Chunky Hunter Barrel
  • Crosskill Platinum Bull Slide
  • Crosskill Long Mag

Infamy 3.1

New Infamy Level Rewards

  • 8 new Weapon Colors
  • 2 new Gloves
  • 1 new Suit
  • 2 new Masks
  • 8 new Stingers

New Outfit

  • The Unimatrix

New Masks

  • The Max
  • Gangsta Pranksta

New Gloves

  • Highland Wool Combo Gloves
  • Silver Champion Gloves

New Weapon Colors

  • Diagonal Carbon
  • Black & Crowns
  • Abstract Greyscale
  • Kintsugi
  • Dirty Blue & Gold
  • Gold & Fauna
  • Deco Circuits
  • Jaggy Marble Gold