Stealth Only

Scout the Area

Breach the Trains

Steal the EMP

If all goes according to plan, you’ll hopefully manage to get the bomb, slip away and complete your one piece.

Drone Alert

The trainyard is packed with cameras, security panels, high tech vault doors and, of course, heavily armed guards that patrol every inch of the area. The high level of security will require you and your crew to sneak in and grab the EMP without triggering the alarm.

Loud Only

Say Hello to some of the Russian Reapers


Screams of Pain are the same in every language

In Boiling Point there's no room for sneaking. You and your crew are more or less thrown out of an airplane into a swarm of anti-air missiles over a snow covered Russia. Your mission is to attack a covert science lab which holds the very secrets that Akan wants.

While on the ground, you'll have to take down the heavily guarded anti-air batteries so that the EMP bomb can be dropped by air. Setting off the bomb will disable the blast doors, giving you entrance to the underground complex where you will find the samples that Akan seeks.

New Contact

Jimmy is the latest addition to the PAYDAY crew. He’s a bit different than regular contacts as he’s not afraid to join the fun and get his hands dirty. A pure madman with his aim set on Akan.

White Streak Pistol

  • Magazine: 12
  • Total Ammo: 60
  • Rate of Fire: 667
  • Damage: 145
  • Accuracy: 68
  • Stability: 32
  • Concealment: 29
  • Threat: 9

This little death machine is still in a “prototype phase”, which just means that nobody knows how powerful it really is. Brought to you by the AK manufacturer, so we know it’s pure gold and that it’ll do the trick.

Electrical Brass Knuckles

  • Damage: 20
  • Knockdown: 20
  • Charge Time: 2s
  • Range: 200
  • Concealment: 30

This piece of melee equipment might look unstable. But relax, it was made by some kid on the internet, so it’s perfectly safe! Homebrewed and experimental electricity in a gloriously stunning way.

New Masks
It's not only the American government that uses specially trained operatives for infiltration missions. Japan has their own unit called the Anbu, and while this mask is only a prototype, it's very similar to the actual thing they use.
Zero 68
Inspired by the immensely popular anime Zero 68, this mask is modeled after the helmet of the cyborg-ninja hero of the show.
The future is now. This special mouthpiece is believed to be developed for soldiers of the future, acting not only as a gasmask but also give the wearer the ability to breathe under water. Unfortunately, this one seems broken, but it still looks cool.
Safety First
A scientist inspired by the virtual-reality sex scene in Demolition Man made his own attempt at building a device where no physical contact would actually be needed when performing intercourse. The experiment was an utter failure but a few of the prototypes still exist.
Materials and Patterns
Hardcore Soundtrack - 4 New Tracks
Simon Viklund
"For the stealth only Murky Station heist, I had the pleasure of composing a new tailored stealth piece just like I did for Shadow Raid. That's a hard one to top or even match, but I love what I've accomplished here: The music is gritty and organic, deep and dark. For the Boiling Point heist - which is high octane balls to the wall action - I went with a trailer-esque cinematic type track that fuses huge Hollywood drums with heavy guitars. Please enjoy this two course meal for your ears!"
Biting Elbows
The Russian indie rock band Biting Elbows from Moscow, with Ilya Naishuller as lead singer is now a part of the PAYDAY universe with their songs "Bad Motherfucker" and "For The Kill". Embrace the tunes below!
Bad Motherfucker
For the Kill
Complete the Murky Station job on the Death Wish difficulty.
The Pacifist
Complete the Murky Station job without anyone in the crew killing anyone. Unlocks the "Augmentation" mask, "Spaceship" material and "Squares" pattern.
Ghost Run
Complete the Murky Station job within 7 minutes of starting it. Unlocks the "Cloaker-san" mask, "Rusty" material and "Rebel" pattern.
Complete the Murky Station job after hiding one body bag in each dumpster.
No Witnesses
Complete the Murky Station job by killing all guards and not using any ECM jammers on the OVERKILL difficulty or above.
Red Snow
Complete the Boiling Point job on the Death Wish difficulty.
Crazy Ivan
Complete the Boiling Point job having everyone only using melee weapons to kill enemies on the Very Hard difficulty or above. Unlocks the "Safety First" mask, "Planet" material and "Phoenix" pattern.
The Ground Is Too Cold
In the Boiling Point job, never get downed on the OVERKILL difficulty or above. Unlocks the "Zero 68" mask, "Nebula" material and "Hexagons" pattern.
Have all four players using a fully unlocked Maniac perkdeck and have an average of 65% or more of the white Maniac bar filled.
When in Russia... Do as the Russians Do
Complete the Boiling Point job while having your crew wear the "Russian Hat" mask and "Golden AK.762" assault rifle on the OVERKILL difficulty or above.
Start-up Crash
  • Potential fix for a common crash on startup for users with Intel HD Graphics Cards
  • Fixed a gap between the floor and a wall on the second floor on Day 2 of the Firestarter Job
  • Fixed an issue that caused the "Santa Slays Slackers" Achievement to be acquirable on any difficulty
  • Fixed an issue where a camera could be pointing towards a mandatory mission objective on Day 3 of Framing Frame Job.
  • Fixed an issue where players could jump out of the level in the Cook Off Job and Day 1 of the Rats Job
  • Fixed an issue where the blur effect remained after the explosion on The Bomb: Forest Job
  • Added Bain voice lines to the end screen when failing a heist
  • Fixed an issue that caused enemies to be able to tase players while parachuting
  • Changed the name of the "Weapon" Loot bag to "Assault Rifles"
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Black Bulldozers to deal higher damage than intended
  • Fixed an issue that caused skins to behave in unexpected ways when a weapon or weapon mod was used both as a primary and secondary at the same time
  • Fixed an alignment issue with the sights for the Baby Deagle Pistol
  • Fixed an alignment issue with the sights for the Lion's Roar Rifle
  • Fixed an alignment issue on some sights for the M308 Rifle
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong sight would appear in third person on the Heather SMG
Toggle background music