The Heist

Yufu Wang has crossed the Payday Gang for the last time. It’s time to put an end to him, his triad and their whole operation.

Using their new connections in Asia, the gang has tracked Yufu Wang down to his penthouse apartment in San Francisco, and are coming in hard, equipped with new gear and ready for revenge.

Get the Heist

Golden Dagger Tailor Pack

Look dapper as you absolutely wreck what’s left of the Golden Dagger triad.

The Following is included in the Golden Dagger Tailor Pack:

  • 2 Outfits with variations
  • 4 Masks
  • 4 Gloves

Get the Tailor Pack

Golden Draped Visor
Sterling Draped Visor
Hornet Striker Helmet
Crimson Striker Helmet
Mountain Spikes
Hornet Glow Grips
Crimson Wave Grips

Free Content

Alongside the Mountain Master Heist DLC and the Golden Dagger Tailor Pack DLC, we’re releasing a free update for all PC owners of PAYDAY 2.

  • Free Outfit - Dragon Bomber White
  • Free Outfit - Laohu Dashi with 4 variations (Unlockable via an Achievement)

Keep an eye out for an additional unlockable surprise!