Locke - New Contact

Born in South Africa, educated at Lincoln Laboratory, trained under MI5, and now employed by Murkywater. Vernon Locke heads their special cyberwarfare division, which has been tasked with infiltrating and destroying Crime.net. Locke has managed this. However, being a mercenary with no loyalties that extra money couldn't bend, Locke sees this as an opportunity. An opportunity to get rich, and cause a little chaos. He has reached out to Bain and the Payday gang. The deal? Work with him, or he brings Crime.net down forever. And he already has a couple of jobs for you...


Built deep into granite bedrock, Black Ridge was designed by the Air Force to survive a direct nuclear impact. After the Cold War, it was purchased by Murkywater, and re-fitted to act as a command center for the mercenary army. Locke knows there is loot stored in the deep vaults of this mountain fastness. He will guide you through it, supplying intel and assets. Can Black Ridge survive a direct attack by the Payday gang?

At Depth

These old Air Force bunkers are built to last, built to withstand any kind of attack, and over the years Murkywater have added to this. In addition to ranks of Murky mercenaries, you can expect heightened security protocols and deadly fixed defenses. These include airlocks and the latest anti-personnel ceiling turrets.

Come fly with me
Keep those
Heisters flying

Robbing stores is great. Robbing banks, warehouses and casinos is really fucking great. But how about robbing a plane? A military cargo plane, 20,000ft above the ground? Murkywater is a private army with a private air force, and part of that air force is tasked with transporting huge pallets of ill-gotten cash around the world. One such plane is scheduled to fly over the Eastern Seaboard soon. Locke has arranged for you to be on board. Getting the money will be one thing - getting off the plane, that's something else...

A speeDy

Need a quick getaway? Locke has your back. This guy is prepared. In the sewers beneath the town he has stashed a dinghy. But we're not talking the kind of boat you take out for a Sunday bob by the beach. This is a military speedboat, designed for infiltration, assault and fast exfiltration under fire. Is everyone aboard?

Character Weapon
Mask Melee
Skill Free
Point Break - This Christmas
Watch the Trailer Watch the Trailer 2 Visit the Website
There are some who don't fear death
for they are more afraid of not really living. - Ancient Proverb
From Simon (In Game)

"Locke and Load - has a very atmospheric stealth part that builds into a booming techno track with huge taiko drums and feverish melodies.

Drop Zone - starts off with some live bass and subtle but unpredictable drum riffs in a very "secret agenty" stealth part. The track then builds to a high adrenaline techno/rock fusion track"

- Simon Viklund From the Movie (Menu)

Great action heists share many things with great action movies. They're exciting, adventurous, dramatic, and feature a great soundtrack. So with the Point Break DLC we're also dropping FOUR tracks taken directly from the movie's soundtrack!

Locke And Load Simon Viklund
Drop Zone Simon Viklund
Do you Wanna Point Break Soundtrack
I Need Your Love Point Break Soundtrack
Still Breathing Point Break Soundtrack
Take Me Down Point Break Soundtrack
New Weapon - Baby Deagle
Melee Weapons Ice Pick Diving Knife Selfie-Stick Machete

Ice Pick

When you're scaling the slick cliffs beneath Angel Falls, you need something that can gouge into the hard rock. When you're robbing banks in D.C., you need something that can gouge into the helmets of cops.

Diving Knife

Simple and strong. Whether you're cutting throats, or cutting dolphins free of tangling fishing nets, it gets the job done. And it looks badass on your hip when you come swaggering out of the surf.


As Hoxton said, "look at that fucking berk with the selfie-stick. What a bellend. I bet it's strong, though. Y'know, I should take it off him and twat him with it. Back in a mo..."


They say you can last three weeks without food, and three days without water, but in a hostile environment you won't last three hours without a good blade at your side.


It was exploring the Islands of French Polynesia, Bodhi encountered the disciples of the war-god Oro. The young adventurer quickly became enamored of this god, who valued the appreciation of beautiful crafts as much as the art of struggle.


Exploring the Pacific "Ring of Fire" in his youth, Bodhi came to the following revelation: honoring oneself means honoring the myths. A myth that stuck with him was that of Maui. Like Bodhi, Maui was a dauntless champion of humankind, a trickster and adventurer.


Tane was the god of the forest who used his mighty strength to separate his parents, the earth and the sky. Legends also credit him with creating Tiki, the first man. Thus, he created the world as we know it, and the people within it.


Brother of Tane, Tawhiri is the god of weather, most particularly violent storms and lightning. Bodhi experienced plenty of both, and it was during a particularly vicious explosion while reef-diving in Tuvalu that Bodhi gained a true appreciation for this powerful deity.

Materials and Patterns
Beneath the Mountain
Hall of the Mountain King

Complete the Beneath the Mountain job on the Death Wish difficulty

Clean House

In the Beneath the Mountain job, secure all of the loot from the vaults and mountain-top in the escape helicopter. Unlocks the “Tawhiri” mask, “Flow” material and “Sun Avatar” pattern

Commando Crew

In the Beneath the Mountain job, open the 4 vaults that contain loot within 10 minutes of starting the heist on the OVERKILL difficulty or above


Complete the Beneath the Mountain job on the OVERKILL difficulty or above without any player going down

No Scope

Kill 10 enemies in a row by shooting them in the head with the Platypus 70 Sniper Rifle while not aiming down the sights. Unlocks the “Tane” mask, “Sancti” material and “Tribal Face” pattern

Birth of Sky
The Sky is the Limit

Complete the Birth of Sky job on the Death Wish difficulty

Pinpoint Landing

In the Birth of Sky job, parachute into the diner through a hole in the roof

No Blood On The Floor

In the Birth of Sky job, release the money without having any player take health damage on the OVERKILL difficulty or above. Unlocks the “Oro” mask, “Glade” material and “Tribal Wave” pattern

1… 2… 3... JUMP!

In the Birth of Sky job, have the entire crew jump out of the airplane within 1 minute and 23 seconds on the OVERKILL difficulty or above. Unlocks the “Maui” mask, “Wade” material and “Ornamental Crown” pattern.

Black Tie Event

Complete the Birth of Sky job using only pistols and a Two Piece Suit on OVERKILL or above. You have to have been in the heist from start to receive this achievement

Changelog 91
The Point Break Heists DLC
  • 2 new heists – Beneath the Mountain & Birth of Sky
  • 10 new achievements – 5 for each heist
  • A new pistol secondary weapon
  • Four melee weapons
  • 6 new songs added- 2 all-new heist themes composed by Simon Viklund, and 4 menu. themes from the Point Break soundtrack – http://smarturl.it/PointBreak
  • New contact – Locke
  • 4 masks, materials and patterns
The Bodhi Character Pack
  • Bodhi – a new playable character
  • A new sniper rifle primary weapon
  • A new melee weapon
  • A new perk deck featuring 9 perks
  • 2 new masks

The current weapon balance beta has now ended. Thanks to everyone who participated, there is still more work to be done however. The next step is to continue discussing the weapon balance with the community and set up another beta in early 2016.

Weapon Changes - Assault Rifles
  • All Assault Rifles have had their accuracy increased by 8
Weapon Changes - Pistols
  • STRYK 18 Pistol: Damage from 38 to 35
  • Chimano 88 Pistol: Damage from 38 to 35
  • Deagle Pistol: Damage from 160 to 145
  • Crosskill Pistol: Damage from 80 to 65
  • Bernetti 9 Pistol: Damage from 40 to 37
  • Bronco .44 Revolver: Damage from 190 to 175
  • Interceptor 45 Pistol: Damage from 80 to 65
  • Chimano Custom Pistol: Damage from 80 to 65
  • Gruber Kurz Pistol: Damage from 40 to 37
  • Signature .40 Pistol: Damage from 80 to 65
  • Chimano Compact Pistol: Damage from 40 to 37
  • Broomstick Pistol: Damage from 40 to 37
  • LEO Pistol: Damage from 80 to 65
  • Peacemaker .45 Revolver: Damage from 195 to 180
  • Matever .357: Damage from 195 to 180
General Weapon Changes
  • All weapons have had their ammo pick up rate increased. Weapons with a high total ammo will benefit most from this change
Weapon Changes - Shotguns
  • M1014 Shotgun: Damage from 30 to 40
  • Predator 12G Shotgun: Damage from 30 to 40
  • Izhma 12G Shotgun: Damage from 23 to 33
  • Steakout 12G Shotgun: Damage from 23 to 33
  • Street Sweeper Shotgun: Damage from 23 to 33
Perk and Skill Changes
  • Gunslinger: Akimbo Pistols will now benefit from the skill in the same way as pistols. Akimbo Pistols damage from 7.5 to 15
  • Disturbing the Peace: The panic effect can now be triggered by all weapons
Weapon Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where some shotguns didn’t fire all 12 pellets
  • Fixed an issue where the projectile fall off by some shotguns was too severe
  • Normalized the projectile fall off difference among all shotguns
  • Fixed an issue where the Accuracy bonus from crouching and aiming down sight didn’t apply properly
  • Added more voice lines for Dallas*
  • Added more voice lines for Hoxton*
  • Added more voice lines for Houston*
  • Added more voice lines for Chains*
  • Added more voice lines for Clover*
  • Added more voice lines for Bonnie*
  • Added more voice lines for John Wick*
  • Added more voice lines for Jacket*
  • Added more voice lines for Sokol*
  • Added more voice lines for Jiro*
  • Added more voice lines for Dragan*
  • Added more robber lines in First World Bank*
  • Added more robber lines in Slaughterhouse*

* Please note: this is a partial addition from the “Big VO update” that we are continuously adding to the game.

Slaughterhouse Heist
  • Moved some containers and props in the escape to avoid players getting stuck while opening them
  • Fixed two graph issues in open containers in the container yard, they can now be randomly closed
  • Moved a coat hanger that you could get stuck on
  • Fixed an issue with cloaker spawn
  • Fixed a few portal issues
  • Added an option to change the camera view in vehicles for the driver by clicking the right mouse button while driving a vehicle
  • Added an ‘edit keys option’ for vehicles
Aftershock Heist
  • Fixed performance issues on the heist
  • Fixed an error in the heist description
First World Bank Heist
  • In stealth, manager detects you,but heist doesn't go loud
  • Magnetic lock computer can be hacked through wall
  • Fixed missaligned spotlights
  • Sniper on the right side could shoot through roof
  • Crash when dropping of loot in the vent
  • Dominating the camera security guard in the first area will not disable the cams
Level Experience Rework

Experience is rewarded for each day instead of after the contract is completed. The experience reward system has been reworked on the following heists:

  • Hoxton Revenge
  • Big Oil
  • GO Bank
  • Framing Frame
  • Art Gallery
  • Diamond Store
  • Hoxton Breakout
  • Hotline Miami
  • Fixed an issue where stamina would not regenerate while looking through a camera
  • Fixed an issue where damage skills would not work properly while being tased
  • Fixed an issue with a crash related to Captain Winters entering the heist
  • Fixed an issue with Chains VO volume for his inspire lines
Toggle background music