The Heist

"All right ramblers, let's get ramblin"

La la land is waiting. Packed with diamonds and dreams of a better life. A better life that can be achieved with a lot of dough. So the PAYDAY gang are heading to California where anything is possible.

Union 5.56 Rifle

The Union 5.56 Rifle is a highly versatile assault rifle. Commonly used within the military, this bullpup beauty is perfect for long range, as well as CQC situations. Easy to modify and overall a weapon fit for every type of heist.

Magazine 30
Total Ammo 150
Rate of Fire 850
Damage 40
Accuracy 64
Stability 68
Concealment 21
Threat 12

Alabama Razor

To get that clean, close shave that really makes your skin feel reinvigorated and fresh, sharpness is key. “Sharp as a Razor” as they saying goes - and it’s the truth, especially if you want to feel safe during your morning shave and want to avoid unnecessary cuts.

Damage 30 (80)
Knockdown 30 (80)
Charge Time 2s
Range 150
Concealment 29

The Dons

True class is eternal when accepted by scoundrels and heroes alike.


Look no further for a bad ass cherry to put on top of your Ice Cream of Minigun mayhem.


These frames harken back to a time when moon-landings were envisioned, all dreams were possible and people all dressed a little nicer.