Update 90 Due to popular demand, we are keeping Lab Rats available to play after the Halloween event is over.
Introducing Team Boost

Team Boost is our new feature that has a chance to apply to a weapon skin with an experience and money bonus. The Team Boost benefits the whole crew when completing a heist and it stacks if other players also has a skin with Team Boost.

The Completely OVERKILL Safe

The Completely OVERKILL Safe and the Completely OVERKILL Drill are the awaited secrets from the Completely OVERKILL Pack which was released during the Hypetrain event. The Completely OVERKILL Safe will come bundled with a Completely OVERKILL Safe Drill, that opens the safe.

The Completely OVERKILL Safe is a special safe and we will give one to each player that has bought the Completely OVERKILL Pack, regardless of activity, which means you can log into the game at any time to receive it.

A total of 50,000 of these safes will be given out to reflect the 50,000 copies of the Completely OVERKILL Pack that were sold.

What´s the deal?

The Completely OVERKILL Safe contains an exclusive collection of 25 weapon skins. The Completely OVERKILL Pack-owners are guaranteed a rare, epic or legendary weapon skin upon opening, which can be used, traded or sold.

You will get 1 Safe and 1 Drill

How do I open it?

To open the Completely OVERKILL Safe, the player needs to be in the main menu of PAYDAY 2, open the “STEAM INVENTORY”, click on the Completely OVERKILL Safe and click “OPEN”

The Completely OVERKILL Safes and Completely OVERKILL Drills are not sellable or tradable. The safe and drill will automatically be added to an eligible player´s inventory when launching PAYDAY 2.

Extra Bonus

Owners of the Completely OVERKILL Pack today also receive 7 DLC for free. These are automatically added to your library. The DLC´s are to the right:

Dragon Lord

General Tang’s love affair with fire began in 1969, when he was merely Lieutenant Tang of the Chinese PLA. Operating as “observer and advisor” in North Vietnam, he was supervising the movement of a regiment of NVA, near the Cambodian border at Bu Prang. Without warning, a flight of F4 Phantoms swooped from the clouds, dropping cannisters of napalm. In moments, the forest below, from horizon to horizon and ground to sky, was a boiling inferno.

Tang disappeared. He was regarded as KIA at Bu Prang, and it might have been better for the world if he had. However, in fact, Tang survived, and came to prominence in Taipei. His time in Vietnam had brought him into contact with many opium producers, and his organisational skills were perfect for creating South-East Asia’s biggest drug-smuggling ring - the Dragon Lords. The success of his operation was one thing, but his real notoriety came from his method of dealing with his enemies. Tang would have them burnt at the stake, while he sat and watched and ate. He called himself The General.

In 1976, during the hottest, driest October on record, Taipei’s rival gangs united against the Dragon Lords’ dominance. Hundreds died in an orgy of violence that lasted weeks. Tang finally called for a truce. He invited all of the other crime lords to a surrender negotiation, held at his warehouse on the docks.

The rival crime lords arrived, and the negotiations began. Tang let them speak for a long time, and as the insults flew across the table, he simply sat and smiled and nodded.

“The Dragon Lords will never survive,” one of his rivals bragged.

Without a word, General Tang rose, went to an open crate, and pulled out a beautiful, ornately decorated flame-thrower.

“Dragon Lord is only survivor,” he said, and pulled the trigger.

In the dry, hot weather the flames quickly leapt from warehouse to warehouse, and in moments the docks were engulfed. It was two days before the fires were brought under control, and, right at the very heart of the gutted buildings and charred corpses, was this - a beautiful, pristine flamethrower.

As the General promised, the Dragon Lord was the sole survivor.

Dallas Safe

Vlad is grateful to the man who gets the job done and he made this safe as a tribute. Dallas' theme is Texan with a touch of real freedom.

Weapon skins in this safe are able to have Team Boost

Time is up! CRIMEFEST Safe has gone forever

The Crimefest 2 Safe and Drill are removed from the Card Loot Drop after successfully completing a heist. The Crimefest 2 Safe, Drill and Weapon skins are still tradeable and usable by players.



Masks: Upgraded the look of the Baitface mask
Masks: Remove the halloween event masks from the card loot drop


Safes: Added the Dallas safe and drill. Players can now receive the Dallas safe and drill from the card loot drop after successfully completing a heist
Safes: Removed the Crimefest 2 Safe and drill. Players can no longer receive the crimefest 2 safe and drill in the game. These items will still be tradeable between players


Lobby: Fixed an issue where players could change pose in the inventory if another player in the same lobby changed their loadout
Inventory: Added one of each halloween pattern to all players’ inventory since they were hard to obtain during the halloween event
Windows XP: The fixes from the Windows XP open beta are now live


Lab rats:
Fixed some issues related to collisions
Fixed an issue with AI’s cover points
Increased number of Spiders on the level
Increased the Spider’s Damage
Fixed an issue that could occur when cooking Meth
Improved Escape Helicopter’s Timers
Fixed an exploit where players could become unreachable for the enemies
Rats Day 1:
Fixed an issue with bags becoming unreachable for players
Safehouse Nightmare
Removed the Safehouse Nightmare heist from the contract broker


Fixed an issue where bows could benefit from acing the ironman skill
Fixed an issue where owners of the gage ninja pack dlc didn’t receive one of each mod items for the gage ninja pack dlc weapons


Captain Winters:
Fixed an issue where the assault wouldn’t end even if Captain Winters had been defeated

Toggle background music