Crossplay with VR and Non-VR Heisters

With PAYDAY 2 VR, you can play alongside your friends no matter whether they are also playing in VR, or on traditional flat-screen.

No heister is left behind!

Supports all modern VR Hardware and Comfort Options

No matter whether you have a VIVE, Oculus, or Mixed Reality Headset, you can heist in VR!

PAYDAY 2 VR has a range of comfort options too. Use Teleport or Locomotion movement, adjust the inventory belt height/snap angle, and more!

Free for all PAYDAY 2 Owners

PAYDAY 2 VR is a FREE update for all current and future PAYDAY 2 owners. If you already own VR hardware, what are you waiting for? Don your (VR) mask and get heisting!

Download the free PAYDAY 2 VR DLC on Steam!


(Requires ownership of PAYDAY 2 on Steam)