December 17 2014 - 10:20 am

Hotfix 49.1 is live

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We’re live with Hotfix 49.1.

One change – we’ve updated the .exe file of the game so that it disables Hoxhud. The reason is that an alarming amount of people are crashing and think the game is crashing because the update. Fact is, the game is crashing because you are using mods at your own risk. Whenever we go live with a new update or a change, there is always a risk that if you have tampered with any files, the game will crash. Keep this in mind going forward. In this case, there are two outstanding issues that needs to be updated in Hoxhud for it to work properly

I’m sure the Hoxhud developers will fix this soon. Meanwhile, we do this Hotfix so people stop crashing.

Hotfix 49.1 changelog

Update size: 645.6 KB

  • Updated the .exe file to disable Hoxhud

If you “suddenly” crash after the update, it’s because your game is modified. Use the threads in the forum to solve your issue. Uninstall your mods if you can’t start the game or wait until the mod developers have updated the mods to work with the game.

We’ve gotten a lot of crash logs recently that we can’t do anything about because it’s all about mods crashing your games.

If you have tampered with your game files, you’ve done so at your own risk knowing that it will affect your software.

As a last resort, e-mail us directly.

Enjoy the new content everyone!


OVERKILL – a Starbreeze Studio.
Via: Steam Community

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