May 6 2015 - 8:46 pm

PAYDAY 2: The B-Sides Soundtrack

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Hello heisters and music lovers!

The long-awaited PAYDAY 2 B-Sides album will be released tomorrow and it’s well worth the wait!

It contains all the unreleased music from micro sites. teasers, trailers and short films we’ve made since the release of PAYDAY 2 (seriously, if there’s anything on it that you’re missing, let me know!).

That Balkan folk music track from "The Butcher"? It’s there.

The "I Will Give You My All" ringtone heard from Chains’ cellphone in the "John Wick" short film? It’s there.

The plucked guitar and whistle tune heard on the "Western Pack" micro site? It’s there too!

We give these pieces of music theirs own album release because it feels like they don’t fully fit into the "regular" PAYDAY 2 soundtrack. And just like the PAYDAY 2 soundtrack, the B-sides album will expand with new tracks as we release more trailers and micro sites!

The best part? It’s only $1! The even better part? If you get it on Steam, those tracks become available as menu music through the Jukebox feature in PAYDAY 2!

Also, check out the short video clip below to find out how YOU can end up in one of MY future music releases!

Can I get a "PAY-DAY!" ?

Let’s do this!


OVERKILL – a Starbreeze Studio.

Via: Steam Community

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