May 13 2016 - 3:31 pm

Hotfix 98.1 and safe update

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Happy Friday the 13th!

We’re removing the DALLAS and SPUTNIK safes. As of next thursday, on May 19th they’ll forever fade away from the game.

But don’t fret, all acquired skins from DALLAS and SPUTNIK will of course stay put in your inventory! So play like crazy until thursday and stock up on those, soon-to-be-antique skins!

And remember, a new safe is around the corner!

Update 98.1 changelog

Update size: 16.9 mb

    Jewelry Store

  • Fixed an issue with some missing textures
  • Removed a collision that did not spawn correctly
Perk Decks
  • Fixed an issue where the Ex-president perk deck would not reset armor recovery speed properly

Finally we just wanna say that we’re happy that players are reviewing and playing as our new character Sydney. We’re glad that you are liking her – we do too! If you wanna know more you can watch our livestream on Twitch where we’ll be playing as Sydney, so tune in at 5pm CEST here![]

For you who haven’t checked Sydney out yet, you can check it out here.


Via: Steam Community

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