May 19 2016 - 3:58 pm

PAYDAY 2: Sydney’s Safe is Here! Update 99

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Sydney’s Safe is Here!

As Sydney joins the PAYDAY gang, she’s bringing a Safe. It’s filled with rawness and goodness in a chaotic mix. And as per usual, it consists of 6 Commons, 4 Uncommons, 3 Rares, 2 Epic and 1 Legendary.

Sydney’s Safe is out now. So check it out here![]

DALLAS and SPUTNIK Safes out of rotation

Sometimes you have to say goodbye. It might feel hard but we gotta make room for other safes.

So as of today you can no longer get the DALLAS and SPUTNIK Safes and Drills in the card loot drop. You can of course still buy Drills from us and old Safes on the Steam Marketplace.

All Safes and Drills you already have will stay in your inventory, together with all acquired DALLAS and SPUTNIK skins.

If you like skins and want to know more, there is an awesome site called

Skills Beta Update 5

Update size: 124.5 mb

We’re soon introducing the new Sentry gun, here is a sneak peek.


  • Added strings for second deployable in inventory
  • Fixed an issue where spent skill points would not show in the main menu
  • Added a 20% chance of getting a cable tie when picking up an ammo box
  • Bulldozers can now be damaged with all melee weapons
  • AI should now spawn on the player that initiated the trade
  • Fixed an issue where clients would downgrade an already upgraded drill/saw when repairing it
  • Added tier cost reduction for Infamy
  • Lowered the chance to dominate an enemy
  • Jack of All Trades UI now properly syncs to other players
  • Equilibrium now applies to Akimbo pistols
  • Fire Trap will no longer cause fire damage to team AI
  • Fixed an issue where Transporter:Aced would increase movement speed incorrectly while wearing heavy armor
  • Fixed an issue where Jack of all Trades would not show correct amount of deployables
  • Fixed an issue where Fire Control:Base did not apply accuracy boost.
  • Removed automatic mod requirement for the Fast Fire skill
  • Deploying your bipod will no longer cancel the Shock and Awe reload speed bonus
  • Fixed an issue where the Fast Fire skill would give the wrong amount of ammo
  • Fixed incorrect concealment penalty decrease for silenced weapons with Optic Illusions skill
  • Reduced the chance of Bulletproof triggering a knockback with ranged weapons
  • Fixed an issue where Sixth Sense:Aced would not properly be removed when deselecting the skill
  • Fixed a visual bug when having Jack of all Trades and using ECM’s
  • Fixed an issue with Shockproof:Aced where you could redirect the tase to other enemies
  • Fixed an issue where Shockproof:Aced would not be able to reach the taser
  • Bulldozers are now immune to the Heavy Impact skill
  • Removed the animation for Shockproof:Aced interaction

Good luck out there and keep that awesome feedback coming!


Via: Steam Community

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