June 30 2016 - 4:54 pm

PAYDAY 2: Update 104. Celebrating 4 Million Steam Community Members!

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4 Million?!

Last week we reached 4 Million Steam Community members which is both insane and very humbling!

In celebration of this we made some special masks for you guys and also took the opportunity to release a big patch for the game. Remember that you need to be a part of our Steam Community Group in order to get access to the masks.

Check the masks out here: https://www.paydaythegame.com/games/4million/

We’re looking forward to keep working on PAYDAY 2 as long as you guys keep on playing. OVERKILL salutes you!



Update 104 Changelog

Update size: 889.3 Mb

  • Reversed the buttons for resetting skill trees with controller
  • The reset skill tree dialog will not be shown if there are no bought skills
  • Fixed an issue where ECM jammers placed by clients did not apply skill upgrades.
  • The animation for resetting the skill tree now only plays for the active tree
  • Fixed a crash when playing with someone who is using the Santa’s Slayers Skin
  • Fixed a crash when getting a new safe before updating the game
  • Fixed an issue where the player could pick up broken sentry guns
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong message would appear when going infamous past infamy level 5
  • Changed the prompt when grabbing new throwables out of the asset
  • Fixed issues with how accuracy was calculated that would cause some bonuses to have reversed effect from what was intended


  • Fixed ralling by the construction yard that was not connected properly
  • Removed interaction on a fence that could be cut open for no purpose

    Back To Basics Loud
  • Tweaked collisions to prevent players from exiting the level on day 2
  • Fixed an issue where the cocaine bag could be thrown out of the level
  • Tweaked when the level goes loud if the player tries to stealth the level

    Back To Basics Stealth
  • Fixed an issue where a collision was not removed above a door when the door was opened
  • Fixed an issue where the double door would not open if the player shoots the lock
  • Fixed an issue where the cameras would not turn off if the camera guard was dominated

    Big Bank
  • Speeded up the spawn of Captain Winters after he has been announced
  • Made a flower pot slightly heavier to prevent it from hovering above the ground

    Boiling Point
  • Tweaked AI Pathing around pallets in the lumber mill
  • Tweaked AI Pathing around a door so player will have a harder time hiding from the enemies

    Cook Off
  • Added collisions to prevent players from throwing loot bags outside the level

  • Removed an invisible wall in the first hanger to the right on day 1
  • Removed a box that was clipping with a garbage dumpster on day 1

    Framing Frame
  • Removed a collision between the doors on day 1

    Go Bank
  • Fixed an issue where an interaction to open a trunk would be present even if the car was not

    Goat Simulator
  • Removed a flagpole that was not suppose to be present on day 2

    Hoxton Breakout
  • Added a collision to prevent players getting stuck behind a door on day 2
  • Added a collision to prevent players getting stuck in the back of the van on day 2
  • Fixed an railing that was clipping with the wall on day 2
  • Prevent the server from being picked up through the wall on day 2
  • Removed flying monitor on day 2
  • Moved two gage packets that was floating in the air on day 2

    Hoxton Revenge
  • Moved the escape zone on the van to prevent lone players from finishing the level unintentionally
  • Added collisions around the river to prevent dead guards from falling down

    Murky Station
  • Prevent the alarm to be triggered again once it has already sounded
  • Prevented dead guards and civilians from falling down holes in the basement
  • Moved a fence that was clipping with the environment
  • Fixed an issue where the loot bag limit was set to low
  • Fixed an issue where the player could leave the level

  • Moved an invisible wall near a truck that was misplaced
  • Removed overlapping floor object that caused texture flickering

    The Biker
  • Fixed a crash when leaving the heist mid-game
  • Added collisions to prevent players getting stuck behind a door on day 1
  • Moved a chair so players should not be able to get stuck on day 1
  • Tweaked collisions to prevent players from getting stuck in a corner of the house on day 1
  • Tweaked enemy spawns to enable more enemies on the ground and less on the roof on day 1
  • Fixed a crash that could occur with the female bikers

  • Tweaked collisions to prevent players from entering a room not intended to be part of the level

    Santa’s Workshop
  • Fixed an issue where a gate was not properly attached to the fence

  • Fixed an issue were Trigger Happy damage bonus was not being correctly applied.
  • The Trigger Happy skill will no longer trigger when enemies are shot by other players or AI.

  • Replaced some voice line for securing bags for Bodhi, Sydney, Jimmy and Rust with ones not mentioning numbers

Steam Market
  • Saw weapon skin can now be applied to both primary and secondary weapons

Via: Steam Community

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