July 15 2016 - 6:37 pm

Workshop Hotfix Update 105.1

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Workshop Hotfix Update 105.1

Hello Heisters, we have now made some minor fixes to the workshop to ensure that it works good and is stable to work with. Having looked in to it, we’re sad to say SteamOS will not get the Workshop feature since it would require an immense amount of time to implement it. Apologies if this hasn’t been made clear earlier. We would of course love to offer the Workshop functionality to all systems available but it is all connected with a lot of work. As we have limited resources and a lot of features we want to implement, we have to decide how to best spend our time. Thank you for understanding.


We are Adding four of the old Safes as new generation safes to the rotation. These are the Slaughter Safe, the First World Safe, the Goat Safe and the Christmas Safe.


Update size: 20.8 MB

  • Fixed a crash when trying to re-upload a skin that has been deleted from Steam
  • Moved single color backdrops when takeing screenshots so they don’t clip with the weapons
  • Fixed an issue with keyboard navigations in the UI for publishing skins
  • Fixed an issue with conrollers not being able to open the skin editor
  • Added the First World Safe, Slaughter Safe, Christmas Safe and Goat Safe as free safes in the loot drop
  • Fixed a crash on Steam OS that blocked players from starting the game

Happy Heisting


Via: Steam Community

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