October 12 2016 - 7:12 pm

Day 6: The New Enemy – Medic!

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Day 6

The sixth day of Hoxton’s Housewarming Party is here. We’re really happy with the content we’ve released so far and we hope you are too! It will be really interesting how you guys are going to handle this next challenge we have in store for you.


New Enemy: The Medic

It’s time for the law enforcers to get some back up so here comes the new Medic! The Medic saves enemies that would otherwise die whenever they are in close proximity. So the priority target has changed, keep an eye out!

Check out the website here![www.paydaythegame.com]


Developer Stream

OVERKILL_Jules and OVERKILL_Tobias are trying out the Medic with the community guys on our developer stream at 7:30 PM GMT +1.

Check it out here![www.twitch.tv]

Not Over Yet!

Four more days to go until the 16th of October and each day we will release more free content. So stay tuned!

And don’t forget, PAYDAY 2 and PAYDAY: The Heist plus DLCs are on a 75% off sale right now. PAYDAY 2 is also free to play for the duration of the event!

Check out the sale here!

See you tomorrow!


OVERKILL_Joakim the Grump and OVERKILL_Hampe


Update 114 changelog

Update size: 331 Mb

  • Fixed a visual issue that would occur when converting Zeal Team enemies
  • Safe House Raids no longer needs the "Allow Safe Houses" filter to be turned on to appear on Crime.Net
  • Getting tazed will no longer reload your currently equipped weapon

    Safe House

  • Removed the Gage Package Asset image
  • Fixed an issue where some windows did not break correctly when damaged by explosive damage
  • Removed a glass door to make it easier for players to walk around
  • Added a trophy to the Safe House
  • Added a sound effect when the player resets the Damage Counter button
  • Fixed a sound issue with the hockey game
  • Fixed some sound issues with Jiro and Bonnie

    Safe House Raid
  • Added additional team VO
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong difficulty would be shown on Crime.Net lobbies
  • Added an ignore button so players can choose to not go to the mission
  • Fixed an issue where bags could get stuck in the ground
  • Fixed an issue where bags could fall out of the level and not respawn correctly
  • The Safe House can no longer be upgraded while a raid mission is available

    Biker Heist
  • Added collision to a fallen door on Day 2

    Four Stores
  • Added the driver to the escape van

Via: Steam Community

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