December 8 2016 - 8:06 pm

PAYDAY 2: Update 126 is live! Xmas Heist!

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Everybody knows that the best PAYDAY of the year is Xmas, and for everybody who dodges the rules and the law; Xmas comes early.

Stealing Xmas

Vlad gave his brother-in-law a second chance and had him transport some coke from one place to another. But the cops caught wind of the drunk bastard so he had to run and hide. In a moment of drunken madness he stashed it in boxes in a warehouse and then dressed himself up as Santa. The mall cops found him passed out under the Xmas tree.

Get in, save the drunk Santa, get Vlad’s coke, and steal Xmas.

Check out the website here![]


We at OVERKILL wishes you all a happy holiday!



Update 126 changelog

Update size: 830,6Mb

  • Fixed an issue where Ghost Riders would not trigger when using the Mayhem and One Down difficulty skull masks
  • The daily Ninja! can now be completed using John Wick throwing knives
  • Re Enabled Artsy Fartsy Safe House daily
  • Player armor stats will now show the stamina per armor as the base value instead of as a skill value
  • The daily Boom! won’t count kills on civilians
  • Toggling ammo contours will take effect immediately on all dropped ammo boxes
  • Toggling throwable contours will take effect immediately on all throwables
  • Aiming at Winters and phalanx minions will mark them correctly using High Value Target
  • AI should no longer get stuck in recoil animation.
  • Fixed the sidejob Nose Candy

  • Fixed an issue with the cop cars on the level.

  • Fixed an issue where you could not progress if you were detected during the escape in stealth
  • Fixed issues with the navigation in the beginning of the level

    New Safe House
  • Fixed an issue with side job characters on low resolution
  • Fix so it says mod preview on all mods when previewing on unowned weapons
  • Fixed values on akimbo version of the magazine.
  • Added vertical grip mod icon – Weapon Jackal
  • Can no longer preview mods if previewing a legendary skin, as legendaries are not moddable
  • Added distance to Inspire description
  • Client tripmines will alert units correctly
  • Aced High Value Target now gives 20 times spotting range
  • Added string to trophy settings
  • Added distance to Inspire description
  • Changed description for Bloodthirst skill
  • Changed objective text in Prison Nightmare
  • Changed error in subtitle for Election Day

Via: Steam Community

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