April 12 2017 - 8:33 pm

Day 10 – Take no prisoners

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What’s good Heisters?

They day has come! Green Bridge comes to PAYDAY 2 and once again the PAYDAY Crew has to make a prisoner vanish into thin air. Don’t forget to dress for the weather, it’s stormy outside!
Together with Green Bridge it is time for our second and final Mask Pack of the Event. The Pirates are coming. Say "Arrr…" to Nilam, Keelhauled Alex, One-Eyed Jessicah and Schneider.
Speaking of Pirates, thanks to our brave treasure hunter [MANY GUN] CLOVERAPTOR who solved the puzzle, today we are releasing the "Mega Death" Mask for everyone!

Day 10 of "The Search for Kento"[www.paydaythegame.com] is live! Check the website, get your raincoats, and take no prisoners!

Community Puzzle After the announcement of the winner we saw many people asking for the actual password and how he did get there:

  1. Understand that the geometric shapes on the feet soles are part of a code
  2. Spot the sign in Heat Streetand connect it the puzzle
  3. Figure out that the sign is the key to the feet which gives a series of eight letters
  4. Encrypt the FPI file code and find out that it means an alphabet offset of 3 for the letters
  5. Scramble the letters to get the word “Goldrush”
  6. Enter the correct answer on the webpage

Minor Fire Optimization We did some changes to the flame particle effects which should make the game run smoother!

5/7 AP Pistol The total ammo was increased from 30 to 45.

SteamOS Known Issue We are aware of the problem that the 5/7 AP Pistol crashes the game in multiplayer. We are working on fixing the issue asap.

Stay tuned,

Update 141 Changelog

Update size: 769,9Mb

  • Fixed error string on powerhouse
  • Fixed " in the hints
  • Loading Screen Hint 117/141 are being wrong
  • Fixed baby deagle is broken in 3rd person with out HQ
  • Fixed Z-fighting next to a trophy location in the Safehouse
  • Fixed a garage door that were having a gap that the player were capable of seeing through on Heat Street
  • Fixed holes in the level on Heat Street
  • Changed the ammo pick up for 5/7 AP Pistol
  • Armor skins linked to the Steam Economy will no longer be equipped on the character after being sold
  • Fixed heist filters interfering while searching for Crime Spree lobbies
  • Fixed that drop in clients do not sync with the host’s modifiers
  • Modifier texts that are to long will wrap instead of shrinking
  • Fixed several gaps beside buildings throughout the level on Heat Street

Via: Steam Community

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