April 27 2017 - 4:58 pm

PAYDAY 2: Update 143

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What’s good Heisters?

Todays update focuses on the Crime Spree! We added full controller support, so you can lay back while enjoying your Spree! Besides that we did some smaller UI tweaks that should improve the overall user experience not only for the Crime Spree Feature. Take a look for yourself and let us know what you think.


Update 143 Changelog

Update size: 249Mb

  • Fixed some issues with the Loading Screen Hints
  • Fixed so that the names of the color grading will now scroll if they are too long
  • Fixed so that the link for Community Safe 3 no longer points to the John Wick Safe
  • Fixed an issue where weapon models could be seen floating in the armor customization screen
  • Added Safe House raid to the contract filters
  • Changed an icon in the Kingpin perk deck
  • Changed the weapon butt icon
  • Changed the icons for showing not having a deployable or throwable equipped
  • Armor skins can now be set per build profile
  • Biker Heist – Fixed an issue where players could lockpick the door to the skull safe from the start of the heist on day 1
  • Biker Heist – Fixed some flags on getting faulty shadows on day 1
  • Branch Bank – Fixed so that the turret van cant shoot over the wooden barricades
  • Escape: Overpass – Added the missing driver in the escape van
  • Green Bridge – Fixed a cloaker that would spawn and be stuck
  • Green Bridge – Fixed an area in the small scaffolding where the player could get stuck
  • Green Bridge – Fixed rain effects on car lights
  • Green Bridge – Fixed so that the pilot will not always miss the first try
  • Green Bridge – Moved some floating props on the level
  • Heat Street – Fixed an issue where Team AI and enemies would stand inside a wall
  • Heat Street – Fixed issue where you could climb some of the trees
  • Heat Street – Fixed missing collision on stairs
  • Heat Street – Fixed so that the player is does not get stuck if they jump over a fence
  • Hoxton Breakout – Fixed so that signs are readable even on low resolution on day 2
  • The Bomb:Dockyards – The escape van will now use van skins
  • Undercover – Adjusted the size of the collission on the escort when he is in the chair
Crime Spree
  • We now have full controller support for Crime Spree
  • Updated Crime Spree UI
  • Replaced Crime Spree button on CrimeNet with a CrimeNet node
  • Players can now select multiple Crime Spree modifiers before being returned to the lobby
  • Modifier selection screen will now show how many modifiers have to be selected
  • Fixed player nameplates appearing incorrectly in singleplayer Crime Spree
  • Added a more obvious warning when the crime spree is not gaining ranks or rewards for any reason
  • Fixed an issue where the incendiary round for the Arbiter GL would bounce more than the regular grenade
  • Incendiary Grenades will now record kills correctly
  • Grenade Launchers will now count the client’s accuracy
  • Fixed grenade achievements not triggering correctly for clients
  • Fixed an issue with the achievement "Artillery Barrage" not working correctly

Via: Steam Community

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