June 9 2017 - 5:25 pm

​​​Desync Beta is live!

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Desync Beta is live

The long awaited Desync Beta went live today! Together with the new network model we deliver lot’s of new animations and improvements that will bring PAYDAY 2 to the next level. Grab your bags, put on your masks and gather your friends to experience the new PAYDAY 2. For a full list of the changes, please check the Changelog at the bottom.

Need help joining the beta?
Desync Beta – How to prepare and join

Found a major bug that we probably know?
Desync Beta – Known Issues

LuaJIT Update – Mod Talk

Lua mods using the BLT will not work in the beta. The update to LuaJIT means that the BLT can no longer hook into the game, so your mods will not load. We have done this to mainly improve the games performance, but also to make sure that we are getting no interference in the form of bugs or crashes caused by mods. If the BLT is updated to support LuaJIT while the beta is running, we ask you not to report bugs if you decide to use mods.
Your game should run with no problems if you have the BLT installed, but if you experience crashing or infinite loading when starting the game, you may want to remove IPHLPAPI.dll from your game files for the time being.

Stay tuned,

Desync Beta Update 1.0 Changelog

Update size: 487.1 Mb

  • All third person pistol animations updated
  • All third person rifle animations updated
  • Third person bow animations updated
  • Players will move to their networked position immediately when they move on their own computer
  • Player aiming and look direction should be networked correctly and smoothed out
  • Player weapons should use the correct spread for that weapon
  • Reload speeds are synced between players
  • Added switch weapon animations
  • Players should always be in the weapon raised state
  • Players should lower their weapon to sprint if they do not have the run and shoot skill
  • Added melee charging animations for players
  • Players using shotguns should fire multiple tracers for their pellet spread instead of a single tracer
  • Enemies using shotguns will fire multiple tracers when firing instead of a single pellet
  • Added a catchup system if players get too far out of sync
  • Cops should be in better sync for clients to the hosts positions
  • Cops should use the same paths on clients as on the host
  • Fixed cops teleporting into cover when they are performing a "stop running" animation
  • Revolver weapons will use a new revolver reload animation
  • Police using revolvers will use the revolver reload animation
  • Bullpup-style weapons should be held slightly differently from other weapons, have a unique reload animation
  • Uzi-style weapons should be held same as bullpup weapons, have a unique reload animation
  • Intro videos when starting the game will use the players SFX volume level instead of being at 100% volume
  • Attract video will use the players SFX volume level instead of being at 100% volume
  • Player mask up animation should make the mask visible while their hand is over their face instead of afterwards
  • Disabled recoil animation on enemies while they are moving
  • Fixed enemies who were crouching never needing to fully reload their weapons
  • Panic animations should now cause the enemy to move along with the animation
  • Panic animations can no longer cause the enemy to dodge into a wall or obstacle
  • Fixed not getting hit-markers if shooting other players with Friendly Fire enabled
  • Throw animations are synced so that the grenade/throwable should leave the players hand at the correct time
  • Shell-fed weapons will use a looped shell reload animation
  • Corpses pushed by shotguns are now networked while in stealth so that they are better synced for stealth gameplay
  • Clients can now launch enemies using shotguns while in stealth like hosts can
  • Snipers can only fire while standing still, they can not fire while moving into setup position
  • Shotguns hitting vehicles will show the correct amount of decals on the vehicle instead of just one
  • Players will reequip their weapon after getting unhandcuffed

Via: Steam Community

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